Michael Garrison Associates Selects LynTec’s RPC Remote Control Breaker Panels for New Children’s Theaters at Casa de Dios

LENEXA, Kan. Feb. 1, 2018 LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, announced that its RPC remote control breaker panels were integrated into two new children’s theaters at Casa de Dios church in Guatemala. Eliminating the complications of installing and connecting custom-designed products and a separate relay panel, the RPC delivers reliable switching capabilities and simple circuit control and monitoring for the theaters’ lighting, audio, and projector systems.

“LynTec is a standard on our projects, but it was especially vital as we worked out the logistics of working overseas on a project of this scope,” said Michael R. Garrison, president and principal consultant of Michael Garrison Associates. “The proven safety and universal platform of LynTec’s power control solutions eliminated managing additional overhead and hurdles within our design and installation process. We knew that it would provide the power protection and simple control the facility needed, while enabling us to simplify the wiring for the electricians.”

Casa de Dios church, the largest and fastest growing church in Guatemala, was already familiar with LynTec’s portfolio of power control solutions, having installed them in phase one of the church’s 12,000-seat temple 10 years ago. Working once again with Michael Garrison Associates, the church selected LynTec’s RPC remote control breaker panels to deliver simplified power control. One convenient motorized control breaker source provides affordable, clean power control for each of the theaters’ AVL systems, as well as proper on/off power sequencing, delivering vital audio protection from in-rush damage. In addition, the system is designed to the extend the life and cut down on energy costs and maintenance of the facility’s LED lighting system.

Built on a universally recognized Square D hardware foundation, the RPC panels allow electricians to easily wire the system while providing additional circuit-switching control capabilities in the same enclosure. The RPC panels support 42-, 66-, and 84-circuit breaker positions with no increase in enclosure width. Its flexible architecture also enables organizations to add more circuits in the same horizontal wall space to control a greater number of components, as needed.

Because of this comprehensive package, integrators can easily set up, program, monitor, and control loads on a circuit-specific level. Accessible from any web-enabled device, the solution provides a complete overview and allows users to act remotely, resulting in greater installation flexibility, more efficient power control, and direct on/off control for LED lighting. The panelboards also enabled built-in under- and over-voltage protection, optional customizable sequential circuit level on/off capabilities, and the ability to interface with third-party control systems via contact closure, TCP/IP, DMX, or RS-232.

“We are proud once again to have our solutions selected by Michael Garrison Associates for the Case de Dios community,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “This project underscores the growing complexity of worship installations and the need for affordable power control solutions that are straight forward to install, operate, and provide much needed power protection on international projects where electricity is expensive and unstable. The RPC panel met all of Casa de Dios’ requirements, from safe power sequencing to efficient, reliable lighting control.”


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