Automation and Energy Management Panels

Perfect for load shedding, peak shaving and generator cutover applications

  • Controllable circuit breaker or relay panels available
  • Easy set-up, no on-site commissioning or factory start-up required
  • Individual or zone control of circuits
  • IP / serial integration with Building Management Systems
  • Automatic load shedding feature standard
  • Branch current monitoring available
  • Circuit surge protection available

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Multi-Circuit Rack Mount

Smart Panelboards

Smart Relay Panels

Web-Enabled Power Control

  • Patent-pending smart controller with built-in browser interface and operating system
  • Load shedding and Brownout features circuit selectable
  • Sequencing feature with circuit selectable step-rates standard
  • Time schedules with astronomical clock standard (programmable auto on/off)
  • Contact closure inputs standard for sensor control
  • IP, BACnet (MS/TP or IP), DMX and RS-232 control inputs standard
  • Smart phone or tablet apps available for free
  • 120-480 vac



Panelboards & Load Centers

Relay Panel

Serial Controlled Panels

  • Not smart, but robust and very user-friendly!
  • Only uses one RS-232 address per controller
  • Simple jumper system sets RS-232 addresses
  • Contact closure control optional (MSP, MSLC, PDS-10)
  • Kill command standard for emergency shut down
  • 120-277 vac