Self-contained, web-enabled remote control relay panels

  • Deal with the manufacturer for quick response on quotes, delivery and support!
  • Panel packages are ready to install, includes hardware and software.
  • Integrated web server and browser interface for remote set-up, operation and monitoring.  With patent-pending features no one else has!
  • So easy to set up that no on-site factory commissioning is required.
  • Control relays individually or establish up to 12 zones for grouped operation.  Simply point and click for easy zone setup and breaker operation.
  • Built in scheduling program with astronomical clock for timed zone control.
  • Built in contact closure inputs for sensor or wall switch control.
  • Built in IP interface for smart phone, tablet or laptop control and monitoring.
  • Seamless integration into any DMX, sACN, HTTP, Telnet, RS-232 or BacNET (optional) control system.
  • Circuit level load-shedding feature standard.
  • Circuit level sequencing with selectable step-rates standard.
  • Circuit level selectable auto-on egress lighting feature standard (ETL listed UL 924).
  • Optional outbound signaling relay control.
  • Built-in emergency override function standard.
  • Power outage and brownout protection (optional) assures that your circuits never power up or down incorrectly.
  • 120/208 or 277/480 control
  • Locking hinged cover (lock optional)
  • Available in 6 different configurations housing 8-64 relays  (8 and 32 relay models shown)



  • RPCR-8 (8 single pole relays (PAN-1P))
  • RPCR-16 (16 single pole relays (PAN-1P))
  • RPCR-24 (24 single pole relays (PAN-1P))
  • RPCR-32 (32 single pole relays (PAN-1P))
  • RPCR-48 (48 single pole relays (PAN-1P))
  • RPCR-64 (64 single pole relays (PAN-1P))


Double pole relays can be exchanged for single pole relays for an additional charge.  One PAN-2P relay replaces one PAN-1P relay.  One PAN-2P-480 relay replaces two PAN-1P relays.

Networkable AC Power Control

RPC Controller Tour LynTec’s RPC controller allows you to both control and monitor you breakers remotely. Move your mouse over the red dots Red-Dot.gif below to see controller features.

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Control Options
Click here to tour our interactive virtual RPC GUI.
There’s an app for that. Check out our new RPC app for the iPhone and iPad! Also available for Android devices.

TCP/IP DMX sACN RS-232 The RPC can work with any external controller that uses DMX, sACN, TCP/IP or RS-232 control protocols.

  • Single and double pole relays are available (single pole relays 20A HID, 30A general purpose – double pole relays 20A general purpose)
  • Single and double-pole relays may be mixed and matched

Panasonic relay specs

Lyntec RPCR Lighting Control Relay Panel

Lyntec RPCR Lighting Control Relay Panel

Lyntec’s RPCR is the most advanced self-contained lighting control relay panel on the market today. Using the “Built-In” web server, the RPCR can be programmed and controlled with any Web enabled device using your favorite browser. The RPCR controller also utilizes several other control protocols.

LYNTEC Load Shedding and Peak Shaving Panel

LYNTEC Load Shedding and Peak Shaving Panel

LynTec’s RPC line of remote control circuit breaker and relay panels has the ability to load shed at the circuit level as a standard feature. It can shed circuits in an under-voltage or brownout condition, or turn selected circuits off with a contact closure input. Circuits can then be sequenced back on when it’s safe.