Retrofit Individual Circuit Control via RS-232 Protocol

The RBSC Controller provides a solution for contractors needing RS-232 control using any Square D cabinet that accepts QO circuit breakers. Designed for indoor or outdoor applications, the RBSC can be ordered with either one or two control boards capable of sequencing 10 or 20 Square D remote controlled breakers. Simply mount the RBSC next to an existing Square D panel, order as many remote controlled breakers as you’d like to sequence, plug-in your new breakers, wire to the control boards and you’re ready for remote one button on/off sequencing of your sound system. Easy! Consists of a lockable, rain tight, Hoffman UL & CSA listed cabinet with the proven LynTec SC-10 RS-232 control boards and power transformer mounted on an iridited aluminum subchassis.The subchassis allows the interior to be easily removed for rough-in. Just loosen 4 nuts and lift the subchassis to clear the keyhole slots.  The smooth walled cabinet provides full flexibility of field mounting and piping options.


  • Saves redundant installation and hardware costs!
  • Energy efficient – NO holding current or heat sinks required to maintain state – Runs cool, lasts long!
  • Easy set-up, no on-site commissioning or factory start-up required
  • Simple jumper system sets RS-232 addressing
  • Individual or zone control of circuits
  • IP / serial integration with Building Management Systems
  • Automatic load shedding feature standard
  • Brownout / Power outage shut-down standard


RBSC-10:  Controls up to 10 motorized breakers
RBSC-20:  Controls up to 20 motorized breakers

MB and BMB Series Motorized Breakers Available in 15, 20 and 30 Amps, one, two and three poles. For complete mototized breaker details click here.

Emergency Off and Brownout Programming Guide

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Controllable Motorized Circuit Breaker Tutorial

Controllable Motorized Circuit Breaker Tutorial

LynTec uses Square D manufactured remotely operated motorized branch circuit breakers to build custom AC power control systems for the pro A/V industry.