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All Sequencer Products before Modular.Acrobat-15w AC Power Sequencing Products A Complete Document of Brochures * Installation Instructions * Applications * Includes SLC & SP Series AC Sequencing products (PDF ~2.8 MB) Various
Acrobat-15w PDS-16 AC Sequencer Hook-up Diagrams 1996 Replaced by PDS-10

 PDS-8EK Brochure
4 to 10 Circuits via relays
Replaced by PDS-10 Series
2008 Replaced by PDS-10
AST-1 Audio Sensing Timer AST-1 Brochure Original web page and document links 2002
Acrobat-15w SAS-10 SmartAmps Sequencing System Brochure 2002
SLC Series Sequencing Load Centers SLC Brochure Brochure 2001 Replaced by MSLC
SP Series Sequencing Panelboards SP Brochure Brochure 2001 Replaced by MSP
Extended Current Relay Box
30, 40 or 60 Amp relays for big amplifiers.Acrobat-15w ECRB-12
Last brochure
Model info
Hook-up info
PV-110 Power VoucherAcrobat-15w 139-0113.pdf Latest Brochure 2005
Signal Processing Products Signal Processing Main Page 2011
C3 Crowd Compensating ComputerAcrobat-15w 020-0012-09 C3 Manual C3 Main pageC3 manual 2011
RCMS-1Acrobat-15w 139-0055 RCMS Brochure RCMS Main PageLatest Brochure 2011
PAC+Acrobat-15w 020-0017-08 PAC+ Manual PAC+ Main PagePAC+ Manual 2011
PAC: The original PACAcrobat-15w 020-0001_
Original PAC Manual 1993 Replaced by the PAC+
Line Level Switching and Routing
Up to 32 Input and 32 Output Zones
Acrobat-15w PS8/10
PDS-10Acrobat-15w Brochure Brochure 2023 Replaced by the PDS-12
LCRP-10Acrobat-15w Brochure Brochure 2023 Replaced by the LCRP-12