Serial (RS-232) Controlled AC Power at the Branch Level

SCP Series (RS-232 Controlled Panelboard) Provides RS-232 control of up to 41 circuit breakers in a single panel.


SCLC Series (RS-232 Controlled Load Center) Provides RS-232 control of up to 41 circuit breakers in a single load center.


SCRP Series (RS-232 Controlled Relay Panel) Relay based system can add RS-232 control to 4, 8 or 10- 20A circuits using latching relays fed by circuit breakers from any brand/model power panel.



RBSC Series (Remote Breaker Serial Controllers) Used for adding RS-232 control to an existing Square D panel or load center.

How RS-232 controlled power panels work:

SC (Serial Control) series products add RS-232 addressable branch circuit breaker control to the functions normally found in a Load Center or Panelboard. Each motorized breaker (or relay for the SCRP series) is RS-232 addressable via a simple set of jumpers on the LynTec control board. Once the RS-232 address starting point is set by inserting the jumper, each motorized breaker has the next sequential address assigned to it (one address per breaker), the RS-232 operator can then program the breaker addresses for individual control. The LynTec control boards only use as many addresses as there are motorized breakers connected to it, this saves valuable RS-232 addresses for other equipment. RS-232 commands for each breaker are on, off or no change.

RS-232 control of your non-dimmed lighting allows an operator to:

  • Turn on/off selected fixed lighting on command.
  • Turn off motorized lighting when silence is desired.

Features built in to all LynTec RS-232 controlled systems:

  • Remote RS-232 control of as many circuit breakers as necessary.
  • Simplified wiring and set-up requirements versus traditional relay-based systems (saves on installation expenses).
  • Field programmable and expandable.
  • Slender, single panel SCP and SCLC solutions require up to 50% less wall space to install than traditional relay-based systems.
  • RS-232 controlled and non-controlled circuits can be mixed in the same power panel.
  • A variety of system sizes, and our modular construction design, allows for cost effective control of 4 to 41 circuits per system.