Think your AV power is switched off? Think again

For large event facilities, energy costs are a major line item of the budget as organizations pile on more audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems.

There are multiple go-to solutions for reducing power consumption. Turn off the lights or other equipment. Replace incandescent lighting with LED fixtures. Upgrade lighting and “turn off” AVL Systems with “standby” or vampire power modes. Dim lighting fixtures to zero or fade them to black.

While all this sounds great in theory, your utility costs tell a much different, and a shockingly costlier, story. Because all that AV equipment and those new LED lighting fixtures are not actually turning off when they are in a standby mode or dimming to zero, although they appear to be.

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Living Hope Church: Powering a Brighter Transformation

Like many churches in recent years, Living Hope Church in Willmar, Minnesota, made the decision to upgrade their stage and house lighting. Built in the 1990s, the worship facility was relying on its original incandescent lighting system to support services, with the result being a space that was neither bright nor energy efficient.  Additionally, the facility’s old dimmers and non-dim modules as well as the lighting console had been in service so long that they had begun to fail.  The time had come to overhaul the lighting system, switching to LED fixtures and tearing out the dying control rack.

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Why Proper Power Control Matters

Getting power to anything from lighting to video walls should not be an afterthought. Today’s digital endpoints have added new challenges, putting a spotlight on the need for proper power control and management.

The TV broadcast news set is foundational to the dissemination of information. Ensuring that news is presented in a clear and engaging way requires not only high-quality cameras, audio equipment, and displays but also lighting. During the last decade, many news stations have transitioned to LED lighting technology because of the many long-term benefits that make them worth the investment and the ability to enhance set design from segment to segment at a touch of button. While their most notable features are their brightness, extensive color capabilities, and less maintenance, LEDs also consume less power and reduce heat loads — a real win for broadcast organizations — but only when properly powered.

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Cost Advantages of Distributed vs. Centralized Electrical Systems in Pro AVL Installations

Electrical Distribution Cost Calculator Demonstrates the Project Cost Savings of Locating Circuit Breaker Panels as Close to The End Loads As Possible

 February 15, 2021 LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, announced the release of its new Narrow Profile Panelboard in early February 2021.  The Narrow Profile Panelboard is less than 9” wide and can hold up to 42 circuit breakers.  The Narrow Panel was introduced to give Pro AVL system designers an electrical distribution option that fits inside an I-Beam support or similar surface. This enables electrical panels to be installed significantly closer to the end loads than ever-before possible.

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Powering ROI—How to Rein in Surging Utility Costs

Excellent article in Technologies for Worship about power control.  Written by our own Chris Bishop.

The world is becoming more energy-conscious by the day. For worship facilities, energy costs are a major line item of the budget as organizations add to their load with new audio, video, and lighting systems. The good news is that some of these operating and associated costs can be reduced or outright avoided with the right power control solution.

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Preparing Worship AVL Systems for the future

LynTec power control solution provides easy-to-use, affordable control to fit Northstar Church’s vision

For almost 20 years, Northstar Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, has been faithful to its vision of growth. The church was founded in early 2003 in the backyard of its small group of followers. In 2010, its west campus’ Sprung Structure (called the Bubble) opened, with an occupancy of 525, to almost 1,000 people in attendance for its Sunday services. The church continued to grow quickly and four years later opened a second campus on the south side of Knoxville. Today, almost 10 years after opening the Bubble, which serves as its broadcast location, Northstar moved into a new building on its west campus. The new building provides double the occupancy of the Bubble and is outfitted with a full suite of audio, video, and lighting (AVL) components designed and installed by E2i Design.

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LynTec Integrates with Platformatics PoE Building Control Platform

LynTec’s RPCR Lighting Control Relay Panels Enabled Simple Power Control for PoE Lighting Fixtures, Met Building Codes, Saved Energy on Large Corporate Installation

 LENEXA, Kan. May 22, 2019 LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, announced that Platformatics, a leading technology company that specializes in lighting controls and commercial building IoT applications, selected LynTec’s award-winning RPCR web-enabled relay panels as part of the lighting design for a large corporate install. This is the first use case of LynTec’s power control solutions integrating with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting control system, providing the enterprise customer with circuit-level control and additional energy and cost savings.

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Two Rooms, Many Functions

AV Transforms St. Thomas High School’s Gym and Performance Hall into worship spaces.

This is a great article from Sound and Communications about an AV update at a high school.  Both of these venues do double-duty as worship spaces.  A great use of LynTec load center products.  One uses the SCLC for RS-232 control and the other uses the MSLC for sequencing.

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Power on the Hill

LynTec Solves Installation, Power, and Cost Hurdles for Pennsylvania Boarding School’s Theater Lighting System

The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was found in 1851. As one of the first family boarding schools in the United States, it has a long legacy of offering education that is centered around a family made up of instructors and peers — offering hands-on learning that will prepare students for the next step in their educational career. Preserving that history and mission includes overseeing and continuously updating the AV, lighting, and power systems on the sprawling campus. To that end, the school formed a relationship with system’s integration firm and event technology solutions expert Starlite and most recently began updating the schools Center for the Arts (CFTA).

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Winning Power Control

LynTec Delivers 443 Circuits of Reliable Power Control Across Parx Casino’s New Addition

 While the West has Las Vegas, the East has its own treasure, Parx Casino, the largest casino in Pennsylvania. Located in Bensalem, it includes 3,500 slot machines, 140 live table games, 60 poker tables, live racing and simulcast action, and several dining options and bars. Recently, the company expanded its operation with an event center, a poker room, two restaurants, and a kitchen — all boasting audiovisual and lighting elements. Having worked with Parx Casino on its other AVL needs, the company once again entrusted New Jersey-based systems integration company Starlite to oversee the appointment and installation of a power control solution.

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Pro AVL Power Control Tips & Trends

Why power control in large venues is more important than ever

Power control has become more critical than ever as churches, schools, theatres, auditoriums and other large meeting spaces invest in new audio, video, and lighting (AVL) technology and increase their energy load. With automated power control solutions, specifiers can provide the best electrical infrastructure for their AVL system. Automated power control allows End-Users to easily follow these system best practices that ensure the efficiency and longevity of their equipment and lighting fixtures.

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LynTec Eliminates AVL Power Complexities at Sterling High School

LynTec’s RPC Series Protects LED Lighting Fixtures While Providing Proper Sequencing and Power Control to Audiovisual Components

LENEXA, Kan. — June 20, 2018 — LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, announced that its RPC remote power control panel series successfully met the AVL power distribution challenges of Sterling High School’s auditorium in Somerdale, New Jersey. Starlite led the system integration efforts, ensuring seamless installation of the RPC panels in the auditorium. Delivering LED fixture control, proper AV sequencing capabilities, and centralized power control, LynTec’s solution extends the life of Sterling’s LED fixtures and physically isolates the power needed for the AV systems within the school’s auditorium.

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LMG Installs LynTec’s Complete Rackmount Power and Sequencing Solution at William Carey University Theater

LynTec’s NPAC Delivers Leading Power Technology, Improves AVL Installation Efficiencies for Rebuild of the Multipurpose Theater Hit by Devastating Tornado

LENEXA, Kan. — May 24, 2018 — LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, announced that Louisiana Media Group (LMG) installed LynTec’s award-winning Networkable Power Automation Control (NPAC) rack-mounted system at Thomas Hall Theater at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The 1,200-seat multipurpose theater was one of many buildings on the campus damaged by a tornado in January 2017.

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Designing Power Control Solutions with LynTec

This white paper is a decision tree for specifying LynTec products.  It starts with simple questions like “New construction or retrofit?” and goes from there.  It covers, types of panels, control options and much more.  Whether you’re new to specifying power control or just new to LynTec, it a great resource.

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Guatemala’s Largest Church Chooses LynTec Power Control

 Michael Garrison Associates Selects LynTec’s RPC Remote Control Breaker Panels for New Children’s Theaters at Casa de Dios

 LENEXA, Kan. Feb. 1, 2018 LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, announced that its RPC remote control breaker panels were integrated into two new children’s theaters at Casa de Dios church in Guatemala. Eliminating the complications of installing and connecting custom-designed products and a separate relay panel, the RPC delivers reliable switching capabilities and simple circuit control and monitoring for the theaters’ lighting, audio, and projector systems

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Panama’s Comunidad Apostólica Hosanna Church Selects LynTec Power Sequencing and Lighting Control

LynTec’s MSP Series Sequencing and LCP Lighting Control Panelboards Enable Simple Yet Powerful Control of Audio, Video, and Lighting

LENEXA, Kan. Dec. 19, 2017 LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, announced LynTec’s MSP Series Sequencing Panelboard and LCP Lighting Control Panelboard were installed at Comunidad Apostólica Hosanna (CAH) church in Panama. The LynTec panelboards’ familiar Square D foundation enabled regional electricians to quickly install the panelboards, simplifying audio, video, and power sequencing and lighting control, and saving valuable wall space for the 5,000-seat facility.

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The Art of Lighting Control

LynTec’s LCRP Lighting Control Relay panel provides an open platform for power management and lighting control for the Art Museum of South Texas’ new gallery.  The LCRP gives the new permanent galleries the spotlight they deserve.

Courtesy of AV Technology magazine

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Using LynTec as Part of a HOW Multi-Campus AVL Solution

Here is an excellent article in Sound & Communications on two Southeast Christian Church projects that incorporate LynTec motorized circuit breaker panels for AVL power control.

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A Simple, Affordable Solution to Lighting Control Relay Panel Upgrades

LynTec RPCR automated relay panels offer an open, advanced platform for cost-efficient power control

Do you have an installed lighting control replay panel that’s over five years old? It might surprise you to learn that most of these relay panels are proprietary systems and can become antiquated after just a few years. And when they start to fail, buying replacement relays is a costly endeavor because of their proprietary premium or worse, are no longer being manufactured. If they’re no longer being supported, this is when the manufacturer usually proposes their latest, expensive full-system as an upgrade. For most houses of worship and commercial organizations that’s an unreasonable investment for a system that may not carry them far into the future. That’s where LynTec’s RPCR automated relay panel comes in.

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The Power of Panels

Sandals Church Install Highlights the Importance of Well-Designed AVL Control

At Sandals Church, two different breaker panels – one dedicated to the audio/video equipment and one for the lighting system – offer more than enough circuitry now and into the future.  This case study is from the May 2016 edition of Technologies for Worship.  Pastor Matt Brown and the team from CCI Solutions discuss the challenges they faced with this design.

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The Why and How of Properly Powering a Video Wall Installation

The link below will take you to a reprint of an article by Richard Cadena that appeared in the February 2016 edition of Lighting & Sound America.  In the article Richard reviews the electrical requirements of a video wall, measurements he took on the electrical inrush during power-up and the importance of automated sequencing to protect the wall.  It’s a terrific piece with tips on electrical distribution that are good for any Pro AVL installation.

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Powering Today’s Houses of Worship

A great interview with George Clark of Clark about electrical design for houses of worship of varying sizes.  Whether you are designing for a small, medium or large venue, many of the challenges are the same.  This article discusses LED fixture life cycles, network-able power distribution, technical grounding and how to get the most out of your audio, video and lighting investments.

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A New Approach to Emergency Lighting Control

Many municipalities require emergency lighting equipment to provide egress lighting during an emergency.  This white paper compares a traditional emergency lighting setup with the UL 924 compliant LynTec RPC solution.  The RPC offers an easy-to-use interface and requires fewer components than a traditional emergency lighting system.

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New Power Distribution Model Is Key as Studios Convert to LED Lighting

The Project

With competition for viewers at a fever pitch, broadcasters are always looking for ways to distinguish themselves. One way some of them are doing it is by upping the ante on studio and set design, adding elaborate features that create an immersive experience for the audience, and LED lighting often plays a crucial role.

One example is a major sports network that is home to more than 20 shows, including its signature live nightly studio show. In order to accommodate new programs, the network built a new 8,000-square-foot studio that combines elements of a traditional sports venue with the latest in modern TV technology.  Read full article…

New Federal Distribution Transformer Regulations Coming in 2016

Audio consultants using distribution transformers to electrically isolate installed sound systems from the rest of the building’s electrical system need to be warned, it’s going to get more costly to do so thanks to new DOE regulations coming online January 1st, 2016. The new distribution transformer guidelines were designed to make the use of large transformers more efficient and thereby cut down on carbon emissions. Unfortunately, in order to achieve the new federal standards, transformers will be required to use larger quantities of higher grade metals which will translate into larger transformer enclosures and a substantial increase in purchase prices. While none of the manufacturers have introduced their new pricing as of today, they estimate that prices may increase as much as 50%. We have been notified that we will be informed of the new pricing by November 2015.  Read full article…

Trends in Self-Contained Lighting Control Panels

There is a revolution afoot in lighting.  Lighting is the “low hanging fruit” in lowering commercial energy costs, reducing carbon emissions and becoming more socially responsible.  Transitioning from traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting is a big part of the revolution, but so too is adding electrical control that makes sure lights are off when no one is in the vicinity. Read full article…

Load Shedding for Generator Cutover and Peak Shaving applications at the Individual Circuit Level.

Load shedding, defined as “the act or process of disconnecting the electric current on certain lines when the demand becomes greater than the supply”, is a very important element of implementing emergency backup generator and peak shaving programs.  Backup generator power transfer (cutover) and peak shaving both create a number of negative unintended consequences, all of which can be overcome with controlled shut-down and sequential restart at the individual circuit level. Read full article…

Relays vs. Controllable Breakers for Lighting Control, which is better?

We get asked this question regularly because LynTec sells both controllable circuit breaker panels and relay panels for electrical control; “which panel solution is the right one for my application”?

Well the answer is… it depends!  But usually, the choice between the two control options becomes obvious depending upon how you answer the questions below.  Read full article…

Comparison of Traditional vs. Smart Lighting Control Panels

In a traditional lighting control panel, you have low voltage switching devices (relays or switch grade circuit breakers) combined with a master control or building automation system.  The master control system is the communication channel that provides the instruction to the switching device to open or close the circuit.  Most are simple scheduling systems, but often they include occupancy or optical sensors that can automate the on/off commands sent out by the control system.  The key point is that the switching devices require direction from a separate control system and cannot provide information back to the master automation system as it is a one-way communication channel.  These panels are still in the marketplace and are typically inexpensive; however you also have to add the cost of the master control system to determine your complete project costs. Read full article…

How Much Does a Smart Lighting Control Panel Cost?

As with any project or journey; knowing where you want to wind up helps guide you through the process of getting there. Planning power control for lighting is no different. There are a number of questions to ask as you go through your planning process.

Answers to these questions will give you a solid starting point as you consider the existing environment, and your answers can dramatically change the lighting control system price.  How many total circuits do you need to control?  Are you working with an existing circuit breaker panel? Can you add or replace breakers in an existing panel?  Should you use motorized circuit breakers or add a relay lighting control panel?  Do you have a control platform in place to manage your panels or do you need one?  Read full article...

Proper Electrical Sequencing Control and Set-Up for Installed Audio Systems

LynTec, a leading manufacturer of customized electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, today announced that the company’s MSLC Modular Sequencing Load Center has been installed in the performing arts auditorium of The Prairie School. Located in Racine, Wisconsin, The Prairie School is a college preparatory, independent day school whose curriculum demands high academic standards while encouraging creative learning in the performing arts.  Read full article…

Adding Audio Sequencing and Lighting Control to Large Assembly Spaces Using Relay Panels

The Refuge’s new Kannapolis campus features state-of-the-art sound and light systems that turn sermons, concerts, and other church events into immersive audience experiences. To add simple remote sequencing and control, easy status updates via the Web, and the ability to power down equipment completely, integrator WAVE turned to LynTec’s award-winning RPCR-48 and RPCR-24 relay panels. Featuring a built-in Web server to bring remote electrical control to any large assembly space, the RPCRs add easy branch circuit control and monitoring to any existing breaker panel regardless of brand, make, or model.  Read full article…

How It’s Done: Adding Remote Control to Existing Electrical Panels

For AVL systems installed within schools and other permanent or temporary assembly spaces, relay panels are becoming essential components for advanced power solutions.  Beyond providing protection from surges by removing controlled devices from the power source when they are not in use, remote relay panels enable energy savings, of/off control, and install flexibility, in addition to extending the lifecycle of professional equipment–sending power to systems only when required. Read more from AV Technology Magazine

LynTec RPC Panelboards Support Light Beam Atop One World Trade Center

Installed above the structure’s 408-foot rooftop spire, the 104-story One World Trade Center’s lighthouse-inspired rotating beacon brightens the skyline by outputting more than 300,000 lumens at bidirectional distances of up to 50 miles. The one-of-a-kind solution employs a series of single and double-headed custom LED color uplight fixtures to illuminate the spire’s open steel frame while the structure’s rotating beacon uses a complex array of white LEDs and revolving mirrors to create an extraordinary sky-bound lighthouse effect. To enable advanced electrical protection and simple third-party integration throughout the world-class lighting installation, system integrator Barbizon — the nation’s largest lighting integration company — turned to LynTec’s award-winning line of RPC panelboards with motorized breaker technology.  Read full article…

Power Control and Protection for Audio, Video and Lighting in Large Venue Installations

LynTec, a leading manufacturer of customized electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, today announced that the company’s RPC (Remote Power Controller) panel with motorized breaker technology has been applied to the multimillion dollar renovation of Stony Brook University’s Stony Brook Arena. Using simple Web-enabled circuit control and reliable electrical protection, the cutting-edge athletics facility is able to power, protect, and easily manage the arena’s main audio system, scoreboards, and videoboards — creating one of the most advanced athletic and entertainment venues in the country.  Read full article…

Top Ten Benefits of Using Remote Power Control in Houses of Worship

Mark discusses the benefits of intelligent power control in the March 2014 issue of Technologies for Worship Magazine.  Read full article…

Trends in Power Distribution and Lighting Control for Performance Space Design

With the rapid transition to LED luminaires in performance spaces already underway, several considerations must be taken into account when it comes to lighting and power system design and distribution. Theatre designers and technicians are now faced with decisions that will affect the efficiency, architecture,and workflow of their installations. The following discussion will provide an overview of the current trends in both LED lighting and power distribution while offering best-practice considerations that will facilitate the transition to the new technologies.  Read full article…

Using Automated Circuit Control for Load Shedding and Sequenced Restart during Generator Cutover

An industrial systems designer uses RPC panels to provide the client with an alternative solution that saved them from purchasing a new generator & provided a fail-safe for their assembly line as well as a simple way to provide on/off sequencing and future scalability.  Read full article…

10 Reasons to Use LynTec Remote Control Panels (RPC) to Transform Your Venue

Your probably know that LynTec’s RPC Panels offer electrical on/off control for audio, video, and lighting installations. However, you may not know there are many reasons to rely on these innovative electrical panels beyond simple on/off control.  Read full article…

Lighting Industry Trends and the Importance of Power Control for LED Lighting

Important things to consider about remote power & lighting control for LED & other smart fixtures – an interview with Paul Rabinovitz.  Read full article…

Selecting the Right Lighting Power Control Solution for Scalability and Sustainability

Tobin Neis of Barbizon shares his thoughts on getting the right return on investment for lighting systems.  Read full article…

Power Control for School Auditoriums, Gymnasiums, Music Rooms, and Performance Spaces ­

HFP Consulting Inc. gets an A+ on the design of another successful project and provides numerous AV / Sound systems with LynTec Power Controls for a Texas High School.  Read full article…

Remote Control and Monitoring of AV Power in Campus Environments

The Las Vegas community gives a standing ovation for the construction of a new performing arts center and live venue complex designed to bring an arts & cultural complex to Southern Nevada residents.  Read full article…

When Performance Matters Be Specific About Your AC Power Needs

A case study of the Schwartz Family Performing Arts Center in Finger Lakes, NY.  Read full article…

A Higher Standard for AV & Lighting Power Control Systems in Houses of Worship 

 Audio, video and lighting systems are important in most installations but for Houses of Worship these components can often mean the difference between serving up a sermon that makes an impact and packs a church versus one that leaves parishioners wishing they were somewhere else.  Read full article…

The Future of Lighting and Power Distribution in Theatre Design

Lighting sources, controls & distribution, as well as system & fixture “intelligence” is changing rapidly. This paper discusses the ways in which the industry and designers are handling these changes and preparing for the future.  Read full article…

The Power, Lighting & Control Behind the Austin City Limits’ Moody Theater

How TCC used LynTec RPC panels to control AV, Lighting, and other equipment.  Read full article…

Remotely Controlled Circuit Breaker Panels Offer Convienence and Energy Savings 

Every electrical device is required by code to be protected by a branch circuit breaker, so every device is already connected to a breaker panel. If you use switch-able motorized circuit breakers in your design, you can now turn any device on or off inside of the same panel you are already REQUIRED to have. With LynTec panels you can monitor and control your circuits across the network. This means you don’t have to add rack or wall mounted relay systems, or have to lay extra control wiring to the device (saving both time and materials).  Read full article…