Your probably know that LynTec’s RPC Panels offer electrical on/off control for audio, video, and lighting installations. However, you may not know there are many reasons to rely on these innovative electrical panels beyond simple on/off control.

  1. Save Space

    LynTec has revolutionized the industry by combining circuit protection and on/off control in the same enclosure. Facilities have to have circuit breaker panels for building codes, so why not use these panels for on/off control as well? With this combination in their switch-rated motorized breaker panels, LynTec saves your facility much prized wall space.

  2. Decreased Installation Costs

    Using a RPC Panel instead of a separate relay panel means that there are fewer points of contact to wire upon installation. The labor involved to install a LynTec panel is the same as to wire a standard breaker panel. Less to install equals reduced costs.

  3. Internal Web Server

    You can easily set-up, monitor, and control the circuit breaker through any web browser with a simple network connection. There’s no need to buy or update software. There’s even free apps!

  4. Browser Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    The interface is designed to be easy to navigate, so facilities can easily establish and operate zones across multiple panels, making it easy to scale.

  5. Sequential Operation

    Don’t become frustrated at the endless sequence of turning on and off equipment so it properly performs. Audio engineers have expressed the difficult of getting equipment to ‘talk’ if power on out of sequence. The RPC has customizable on and off sequencing order and timing.

  6. Multiple Control Protocol Options

    Interfaces for RS-232, TCP/IP, DMX512, and dry contact closure inputs are automatically installed and ready to be used with your facility’s control platform.

  7. Emergency Power Off (EPO)

    Exactly what it sounds like:you can choose individual circuit to switch with an external contact closure for load shedding applications or emergency shut off. Our panel stabilizes the power load to protect your expensive AVL equipment.

  8. Real Time Monitoring

    With this innovative equipment it’s possible to have real time monitoring or easy data exporting to your facility’s management systems. Alarm notifications come standard.

  9. Power Outage Protection

    If there is a power outage, blackout, or brownout, the RDC panel automatically powers off the system. It comes back on and restarts certain circuits as programmed when safe to operate.

  10. Surge Protection

    One outstanding option is SurgeX. These modules can be installed by the factory on your system for the leading electrical protection in the industry. One module per circuit for total protection, added in multiples of four. Get the best over voltage protection in the business.

There’s just 10 ways LynTec’s RPC Panels provide complete electrical control. Our system is prepared to be a part of any and all energy management initiatives in your facility. Curious about all that RPC has to offer and how they can be used? See some of our case studies here.