One-Touch Sequencing Power Control Breaker or Relay Panels

MSP Series (Modular Sequencing Panelboard) –
Sequences up to 41 remote controlled circuit breakers in a single panel.

MSLC Series (Modular Sequencing Load Center) –
Sequences up to 41 remote controlled circuit breakers in a single load center.


PDS Series (Power Delay Sequencer) –
Relay based system can sequence 4, 8 or 10- 20A circuits using latching relays fed by circuit breakers from any brand/model power panel.


MRTS Series (Modular Rain Tight Sequencer) –
Used for adding sequencing to an existing Square D panelboard or load center.

How sequencing works:

Sequencing turns on front-end low-level electronics first… waits for them to stabilize… and then powers amplifiers with short delays between each step to spread high inrush currents over time. This protects expensive loudspeaker systems from damaging power-on “click and pop” transients.

Loudspeaker damage can also occur while powering down a sound system. When the system is shut-off, we reverse the powering sequence to prevent transients from being amplified and harming the loudspeakers. Consider it insurance against operator error!

Features built in to all LynTec sequencing systems:

  • One touch power control.
  • Remote on/off switches can be placed anywhere convenient to the user (requires 2 pair of wires to operate).
  • Can be controlled from up to six locations.
  • Automatic load shedding and brownout protection built in, sheds load 2 seconds after power fails, and then automatically
    re-sequences when power is restored.
  • Emergency instant shutdown may be triggered by an external contact closure (e.g. fire alarms).
  • Hurry-off function built in for those “Oh-no” moments.
  • All LynTec models can be daisy-chained for unlimited circuit count sequence.
  • Flexible set-up allows for customized delay settings between each sequenced step in the MSP and MSLC models.
  • Sequenced and non-sequenced circuits can be mixed in the same power panel.
  • LynTec’s modular construction design provides for a variety of cost effective system sizes from 4 to 41 circuits.