Lighting Control Panels

The most advanced self-contained control panels in the market today

LynTec sells the most advanced self-contained lighting control panels on the market today. We have a variety of different options depending on your space’s needs. For example, an intimate theater will have different control panel needs than an NHL arena. Whether you want to conserve space, save money on redundant installations, or have web-enabled power control, there is a panel for every venue.
We manufacture many types of lighting control panels for customers that span the globe. LynTec is the leading supplier of electrical power solutions for lighting, video, audio, and visual systems for industries encompassing financial, governmental, educational, sports, and entertainment sectors. We have 10,000 plus installations to date in the United States and internationally. Our equipment has different options, depending on your needs:

When you need a lighting relay panel or remote control circuit breaker panel, rely on the experts. LynTec produces and installs state of the art equipment for our customers. All of our lighting control panels are produced with safety and quality in mind.





Multi-Circuit Rack Mount

Smart Panelboards

Smart Relay Panels

Web-Enabled Power Control

  • Patent-pending smart controller with built-in browser interface and operating system
  • Time schedules with astronomical clock standard (programmable auto on/off)
  • Contact closure inputs standard for sensor control
  • IP, sACN, DMX, BACnet (MS/TP or IP) and RS-232 control inputs standard
  • Choice of switchable breakers or relays
  • Smart phone or tablet apps available for free
  • 120-480 vac



DMX Load Centers

DMX Relay Panels

DMX Lighting Control Panels

  • Not smart, but robust and very user-friendly!
  • Address saver, only uses one DMX address per controlled circuit
  • Simple jumper system sets DMX addresses
  • RS-232 control optional (SCP, SCLC, SCRP)
  • Contact closure control optional (MSP, MSLC, PDS-10)
  • 120-277 vac supply and control