Stage Lighting Power DistributionIf you have seen a large-scale production on a theater stage or experienced a contemporary worship service, than you’ve seen the moving lights, video systems and crystal clear audio that accompany the event. LynTec provides high tech, efficient stage lighting power distribution solutions for performing arts, speakers, musical tours, worship services, and other events. We are proud to have an effective portable power solution.

Installed and Mobile Power Control Solutions

Stage lighting power distribution is key for any live or televised event, including musical concerts, trade shows, film and television productions, corporate events, theatrical performances, and more. Before any major event, lighting technicians do the hard work of setting up loads of equipment and making sure it is all powered through a lighting power distro. For permanent venues, LynTec offers cutting edge power control solutions via the RPC motorized circuit breaker panels and the RPCR intelligent lighting control relay panel.

For productions that are on the move, such as a speaking tour, a corporate event or musical performance, it is critical to have the same quality of stage lighting power distribution that you would expect in a permanent space. LynTec’s Controllable Mobile Power Distro Rack (RPCM) does exactly that. This portable lighting power distro solution is easily maneuvered on four casters while offering professional web-enabled control and monitoring, remote-control breakers, and both branch and phase current monitoring to a mobile power distribution system. With simple set-up and ease of use, all a technician has to do is plug in a network connection to the RPCM controller, take the IP address off of the LCD screen, put the IP address into any browser ready device on your network, and it’s done! You can mix and match un-motorized and motorized breakers, and be aware that with motorized breakers comes brownout protection.

For mobile applications that don’t require large numbers of controllable breakers, Lyntec offers the NPAC Networkable Power Automation Control rack-mounted system which offers plug and go technology that adds control only the circuits where it’s needed. The NPAC saves space, offers superior control, and is adaptable for large set-ups.

Both mobile power control options give AVL professionals the ability to efficiently manage power control via laptop or smart device!

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