Unrivaled Power Control Flexibility and Ease of Use

NEW – Rack mount relay panel, NO electrician required!


By managing audio, visual and light from a single power automation system, NPAC brings unrivaled flexibility and unlimited sequencing and delay options to wherever there is pro AVL. NPAC’s profile is sleek; its installation is plug-and-go. From its built-in web server to its browser interface, there’s nothing like NPAC for syncing pro-level digital components from any manufacturer in any venue.

The Future of Sound, Video and Lighting Power Control

  • NPAC UnitFully self-contained for plug and go set up
  • Set sequence order and step rate from a fraction to 999 seconds per circuit
  • Each unit handles up to 4 20A circuits (80A total) in one 2RU enclosure
  • Control outlets individually or configure up to 12 zones
  • Each zone can be controlled by a different protocol
  • Can be controlled with Telnet, HTTP, DMX512, sACN or contact closures
  • Up to 10 NPAC units can be networked into a single control system
  • On board web-server provides for simple browser based set-up and operation
  • Set up, monitor and control from any internet-connected smart device
  • No electrician required for installation!

Save Rack Space

  • Requires 2 rack units, just 3.5 inches to manage 4-20 amp circuits
  • Connect up to 10 NPACs together and manage as a single system


Hardware Features

  • 120v or 240v models available
  • Four 20A IEC inputs feed either 4 or 8 Panasonic HID relays
  • Four 20A commercial-grade duplex Nema 5-20 outlets
  • RJ-45 network connection
  • DMX in & isolated thru connections
  • Four contact closure inputs
  • Reset button on back
  • Nema 5-15P, 5-20P or L5-20P input cables available
  • ETL listed

120v or 240v models available 

Back of NPAC UnitNPAC-120-4

  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 4-120V 20A relays (max input 80A total)


  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 8-120V 20A relays (max input 80A total)


  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 4-240V 20A relays (max input 80A total)


  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 8-240V 20A relays (max input 80A total)

NPAC GUI ScreenshotControl at Your Fingertips on Internet-Connected Devices
  • Built-in web server with browser interface
  • Set up, control and monitor via smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Interfaces with IP, Telnet, DMX, sACN or contact closure control systems
Protect AVL Equipment and Prolong Lifespan
  • Built-in astronomical clock for automated on/off and scheduling 84 events
  • Integrated over- and under-voltage protection for emergency shut down and controlled restart
  • Circuit selectable emergency override input

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LynTec NPAC Hardware Overview (1/3)

LynTec NPAC Hardware Overview (1/3)

The NPAC is a multi-circuit rack mount power control system. Each NPAC can manage up to 80A of electrical input and up to 10 NPACs can be networked into a single power control system. Establish up to 12 zones and control via IP, DMX, sACN or contact closure inputs for a complete AVL power management solution.

NPAC Programming: Basic Operation and Zone Setup (2/3)

NPAC Programming: Basic Operation and Zone Setup (2/3)

A basic overview of the LynTec NPAC. This video covers basic operation and zone setup.

NPAC Programming: Network & Global Command Setup (3/3)

NPAC Programming: Network & Global Command Setup (3/3)

An overview of how to program your LynTec NPAC network and global command features.