Unrivaled Power Control Flexibility and Ease of Use

NEW – Rack mount relay panel, NO electrician required!


By managing audio, visual and light from a single power automation system, NPAC brings unrivaled flexibility and unlimited sequencing and delay options to wherever there is pro AVL. NPAC’s profile is sleek; its installation is plug-and-go. From its built-in web server to its browser interface, there’s nothing like NPAC for syncing pro-level digital components from any manufacturer in any venue.

The Future of Sound, Video and Lighting Power Control

  • NPAC UnitFully self-contained for plug and go set up
  • Set sequence order and step rate from a fraction to 999 seconds per circuit
  • Each unit handles up to 4 20A circuits (80A total) in one 2RU enclosure
  • Control outlets individually or configure up to 12 zones
  • Each zone can be controlled by a different protocol
  • Can be controlled with Telnet, HTTP, DMX512, sACN or contact closures
  • Up to 10 NPAC units can be networked into a single control system
  • On board web-server provides for simple browser based set-up and operation
  • Set up, monitor and control from any internet-connected smart device
  • No electrician required for installation!

Save Rack Space

  • Requires 2 rack units, just 3.5 inches to manage 4-20 amp circuits
  • Connect up to 10 NPACs together and manage as a single system


Hardware Features

  • 120v or 240v models available
  • Four 20A IEC inputs feed either 4 or 8 Panasonic HID relays
  • Four 20A commercial-grade duplex Nema 5-20 outlets
  • RJ-45 network connection
  • DMX in & isolated thru connections
  • Four contact closure inputs
  • Reset button on back
  • Includes four 8ft edison to IEC cables (optional upgrade to 20ft cables avaialble)
  • Optional low-voltage outbound relays for external device control (replaces DMX functionality)
  • ETL listed

120v or 240v models available 

Back of NPAC UnitNPAC-120-4

  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 4-120V 20A relays (max input 80A total)


  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 8-120V 20A relays (max input 80A total)


  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 4-240V 20A relays (max input 80A total)


  • NPAC rack-mount panel with 8-240V 20A relays (max input 80A total)

NPAC GUI ScreenshotControl at Your Fingertips on Internet-Connected Devices
  • Built-in web server with browser interface
  • Set up, control and monitor via smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Interfaces with IP, Telnet, DMX, sACN or contact closure control systems
Protect AVL Equipment and Prolong Lifespan
  • Built-in astronomical clock for automated on/off and scheduling 84 events
  • Integrated over- and under-voltage protection for emergency shut down and controlled restart
  • Circuit selectable emergency override input

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LynTec NPAC Hardware Overview (1/3)

LynTec NPAC Hardware Overview (1/3)

The NPAC is a multi-circuit rack mount power control system. Each NPAC can manage up to 80A of electrical input and up to 10 NPACs can be networked into a single power control system. Establish up to 12 zones and control via IP, DMX, sACN or contact closure inputs for a complete AVL power management solution.

NPAC Programming: Basic Operation and Zone Setup (2/3)

NPAC Programming: Basic Operation and Zone Setup (2/3)

A basic overview of the LynTec NPAC. This video covers basic operation and zone setup.

NPAC Programming: Network & Global Command Setup (3/3)

NPAC Programming: Network & Global Command Setup (3/3)

An overview of how to program your LynTec NPAC network and global command features.

Whole Venue Control

Whole Venue Control

Whole Venue Control allows clients the ability to mix and match our robust RPC Remote Motorized Panels, RPCR Relay Panel Systems, and new NPAC Multi-Circuit Rackmount units all together on a single network for a user-friendly interface. Control your entire venue with ease!

Single Address DMX

Single Address DMX

A brief overview and setup instructions for Single Address DMX.