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Every power control panel LynTec has ever made is reliable, protective and brilliantly simplistic. Switching at the circuit level is our legacy. Our future is everywhere there is amplified sound, performance lighting and distributed video to control. Read More




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“Whether we are designing a PAC or a gymnasium, music room or class room, all of our projects are based on delivering high end performance spaces. We expect the products that we specify to not only meet our client’s needs but to exceed them.: It seems that the LynTec never disappoints, and it is clear to see why their products and their support are a consistent part of every one of HPF’s projects involving power and lighting controls.”

Bill Schuerman, HPF Consultants Inc.

“We find LynTec very convenient for controlling power to the amp and in giving us ongoing control over all of the AV systems. Everything is on its own circuit so we don’t have to worry that the cleaning crews will come in with vacuums and use the wrong circuit and put noise into our systems.”

Lee Fleischman, PTC Group

“In many ways, LynTec is a standard for us – it is just considered a part of the way we approach our work. LynTec’s newer panels RPC panel boards even allows for remote control over outlets and offer current monitoring, so that at any given time, our team knows exactly what is going on with a particular circuit. This enables you to see what is happening at a central location, and this makes it quite convenient to be able to supervise these things from one location.”

Sam Brandt, Senior Consultant, Akustiks

“The LynTec software allows you to set all sorts of alerts to trigger external alarms, emails and other notifications. In other applications, we’ve use the LynTec software to set thresholds for the max loads per circuit and if we see it jump an amp or two we investigate it proactively to make sure we look at the equipment before it fails. It is a great monitoring tool and when we’ve showed it to the facility guys, they light up. They love looking at the loads and amperage and having the ability to lock down the panel boards when they want to and open them up to access and check whenever and wherever they need to.”

Andrew Paull, SPEC Engineering

“Considering LynTec’s track record for creating simple, flexible, and dependable electrical protection, the RPC was the obvious choice for this high-profile installation….”

Thomas DePace, Advance Sound Company

“By selecting LynTec’s RPC panelboards, we gained a space-saving combination of switching and circuit protection capabilities in one panelboard, remote control functions via integration with our custom GUI, and the ability to receive instant alerts for lighting maintenance and service — all key features for such a hard-to-access, high-altitude installation. LynTec is known for its unparalleled tech support, which proved to be invaluable for an endeavor of this importance and complexity.”

John Gebbie, Barbizon Lighting

“By integrating LynTec’s RPCR relay panels, the client can now turn systems on and off without any risk to equipment performance, while adding the capability to monitor the status of panels easily from the Web. The result is both intelligent power protection and advanced monitoring capabilities from any Web-enabled device.”

Justin Hames, Design 2020

“With the LynTec panels, we were able to make it smarter, more compact, flexible, and allow them to do more without putting additional subpanels in.”

“For the first time they have a system that’s easy to use and there’s no maintenance or things that the students have to learn to work around. The school certainly appreciates not having to spend time or money on repairing a system that wasn’t getting them very far. Now they can focus on teaching students.”

Brandon Creel, ETCP, CTS-D, Starlite Productions

“We’ve been using Lyntec products for probably a decade now, and the controllability, integration, reporting, and the reliability of the product is top notch,”

Brandon Creel, ETCP, CTS-D, Starlite Productions

“When we saw the NPAC at InfoComm, we knew it would be the ideal power solution for the multipurpose venue. It not only gave us superb power control and sequencing for all the new gear going in, it also made the installation incredibly easy and sped up the timeline of the project by not having to wait for an electrician to come and wire in panels.”

Mike Marchese, Louisiana Media Group

“LynTec is a standard on our projects, but it was especially vital as we worked out the logistics of working overseas on a project of this scope”

“The proven safety and universal platform of LynTec’s power control solutions eliminated managing additional overhead and hurdles within our design and installation process”

Michael Garrison, Michael Garrison Associates

“We couldn’t have asked for a better system for managing, controlling, and protecting all the equipment upgrades we’ve made at CAH [Comunidad Apostolica Hosanna Church],”

Randy Garabedian, Michael Garrison Associates

“Lyntec is the core of what makes these designs work,” “It allows us to turn on an off the electricity when and where it’s needed.  It gives us a power management so we don’t burn through the LEDs. Extending their life span and protecting the museum’s investment.  Finally, it gives us an open, flexible platform that’s essential to lighting design.”

Jerry Colmenero, Enlightening Ideas

"...for me, network control or signal point-of-control capabilities are the most exciting features of today’s power distribution technology"

George Clark, Clark