Power Control PanelLynTec has 35 years of experience in the power control panel industry. Our background is with large concert venues like Madison Square Garden, but we have expanded our business to help a variety of organizations with different audio, visual, and lighting systems. Our equipment can be seen everywhere there is sight and sound, from high school auditoriums to NHL arenas. Our remote control circuit breaker panel simplifies system operation by integrating all the systems together and allowing for easy remote monitoring. By incorporating several elements at once, including electrical surge protection, circuit switching capacity, and an operation controller together, we can save you wall space and make the system more cost effective to install.

Turn to LynTec for Power Control Simplified

If you are an audio engineer, large event planner, or space designer, turn to LynTec for power control simplified. We have become the standard in amplified sound, performance lighting, and distributed video. We have over 10,000 installations and have helped clients throughout the United States and internationally. A high quality power control panel from LynTec helps your venue have better control over equipment and safety from power surges. Every remote control circuit breaker panel is straightforward and flexible, giving you the options needed to turn equipment on and off without impacting performance, the ability to save space, and remote controls.

Central to our mission in helping customers is ensuring safety. Every power control panel has undergone rigorous quality testing to properly assess its fire hazard. We work closely with quality assurance teams to test and certify our equipment. With every LynTec manufactured product, we offer a 5 year warranty on any defects in materials or assembly. You can count on LynTec for a reliable and safe audio and lighting control panel that will protect AV equipment from dangerous power surges. Find a rep near you to get started with the best resource for complex power control requirements in the business.

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