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Intertek is the go-to name in quality assurance. This industry veteran has been in business for over 100 years (over 130 in fact!) and continues to be the Total Quality Assurance provider for a variety of businesses globally. They have a rigorous process for testing each product through research and development and all the way to distribution. This worldwide quality control business is able to bring reliable testing and certification, while minimizing health, safety, and security risks. LynTec is pleased to work with Intertek to ensure our lighting and audio control panels meet the highest quality and safety standards. This dedication to quality and safety is what makes LynTec a trusted and respected supplier.


AMX by Harman brings the latest audio industry technology to event centers, concerts, hotels, classrooms, and other spaces. They work with corporate, government, and educational institutions to ensure a quality AV experience wherever their equipment is. AMX designs and installs complex audio, visual, and video systems for a wide variety of customers worldwide, from The University of Idaho’s Doceo Center for Innovation + Learning Lab to the National Australia Bank’s headquarters in Melbourne. This company is one of many that turns to LynTec for high quality lighting and audio controls and switchboards that are well made and easy to use.



The National Systems Contractors Association is the premier non-profit organization representing the commercial electronic systems industry. The NSCA is a strong advocate of everyone working within the low-voltage industry, from product manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, sales reps, architects, engineers, systems contractors/integrators, and other associated professionals. It advises businesses, holds continued educational trainings, and addresses the industry’s biggest legislative threats. LynTec holds itself to the highest standards of craftsmanship and conduct in all our professional dealings and manufacturing jobs. We adhere to the NSCA Code of Ethics in all of our work, and are proud to produce the finest quality lighting control panels for our valued customers.


SurgeX products are designed to correctly protect crucial equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can interrupt performance, dependability, and uptime. They are the leading manufacturer in consistent power protection options. Their SurgeX products integrate with LynTec energy control boards seamlessly to offer you complete protection up to 10,000 Volts. We work with SurgeX to ensure our clients have the safety solutions they need to eliminate dangerous surges. You can see about the surge suppression selections we offer with our LynTex panels by clicking here. Power conditioning options can be installed in our factory, so they arrive already attached to your LynTec panels.


The Themed Entertainment Association is the global not-for-profit organization representing the international community of creatives that are producing the world’s leading experiences, from theme parks to museums and restaurants to concerts. TEA is a critical resource for the themed entertainment industry and has 1,300 members worldwide. They offer an international network of creative companies, manufacturers, experts, academic institutions, designers, producers, and owner/operators. Individuals and companies can join TEA; the membership is diverse and includes everyone from students to Disney Park Live Entertainment. LynTec is proud to be a part of the conversation on how to push technology, better integrate systems, and innovate guest experiences.


This is a valuable resource for any designers, engineers, or developers. This is the most used website for building product information on the website. The best part? It’s completely free to use. It has many critical tools, including: Specifications, CAD details, SpecWizard, BIM, Green Reports, eCatalogs, Charrette (an application that allows you to create a project, assign tasks to yourself and coworkers, and work together with partners and customers), and advertising and educational videos. There is even an easy to use ARCAT App! LynTec recommends this useful site for those that are planning an event or other large scale building improvements.


Adobe Acrobat is a revolutionary tool for audio engineers. Used by various companies for business applications since 1993, Adobe has expanded to continually offer new and more adaptive services. You may know Adobe from the ubiquitous PDF, one of the easiest ways to send a document that can be opened anywhere without errors. Many audio engineers use PDFs to create a multidimensional communication tool. It’s possible to add video, sound, and interactive content to a PDF that can drive interest and engagement, which can be particularly important on social media. Also from Adobe, the Audition CC is a powerful audio workstation that can deliver a completely polished sound.


We’ve heard of professional societies for doctors and lawyers and administrators. Did you know there is an international association for those in the audio technology industry? The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional organization exclusively for this industry, and has grown from its US founding in 1948 to a worldwide association with over 12,000 members. LynTec continues to work with audio engineers, lighting architects, event designers and coordinators, and producers to create the finest quality audio, video, and lighting systems for large scale events around the globe. We remain the leading choice for audio engineers with complex power control requirements.


Many of the companies that LynTec works with have been in business for decades, like our own business. UL is no exception. It has been in business since the 1890s, and continues to deliver value to its customers through building trust in products. It has gone through several name iterations but the basic principle has remained the same: to promote safety and test products and materials for fire hazards. It labels products according to fire safety, publishes standards of safety, and tests products ranging from kitchen appliances to musical devices to airplanes to televisions. Their research is groundbreaking for realizing fire and safety hazards.


The National Fire Protection Association is an excellent resource for information and education on fire safety. This organization offers educational programs, grants and awards, and training. It is a great source to find fire safety codes and standards, educational material to share with children and adults, and the latest news and research regrading fires. They are in charge of far-reaching campaigns like Fire Prevention Week, Fire Sprinkler Initiative, and Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. LynTec takes fire danger extremely seriously and is sure to follow all codes and standards to ensure employee and customer safety. We are conscious of electrical hazards at all times.


As part of fire safety, all electrical equipment and lines should be set up by a certified electrician. Piecemealing work together or having an unqualified person work on electrical lines can be hazardous. If you are an apprentice electrician or looking for tips on how to become a licensed electrician, take a look at this resource. This page has helpful information, such as tips for passing an electrical exam, answers to technical questions, requirements for all fifty state electrical licenses (it varies from state to state), and apprenticeship info. LynTec stresses that all electrical work should be done by a qualified professional to ensure safety.