Options and Upgrades

There are many great options and upgrades available for LynTec panels. One of the many advantages of working with LynTec panels is the ability to customize our technology for your purposes. Whether it’s surge protection or the ability to turn on booth equipment independently, we have you covered. Check out the Surge Supression tab for information about our SurgeX power conditioning sidecars and our Square D whole panel surge suppression. Depending on the sensitivity of the equipment and environment around the panels, different suppression devices may be recommended. For more information about our phase and branch current monitoring solutions, click the Current Monitoring tab. This equipment integrates seamlessly with your existing LynTec panels, requiring no additional software to install. And, to see the wide variety of switches available for our MS and RPC series, look under the Switches tab. We provide various options, including locking key switches and locking wall plate switches, based on your individual needs.

SGX Series Power Conditioning for the MSP, LCP, SCP and RPC

  • Available in 4, 8, and 10 module units
  • Factory installed in LynTec Sidecars and ships attached to Lyntec panels
  • Advanced Series Mode surge protection
  • Advanced Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI filtering
  • Self-test circuit with visual indicator
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in U.S.A.

Available Models:

  • SGX20-4
  • SGX20-8
  • SGX20-10 – Only Available on the MSP, LCP or SCP
  • SGX20-12 – Only available on the RPC


SGX Sidecar Brochure

Datasheet and Line Drawings for MSP, LCP and SCP models

Datasheet and Line Drawings for RPC models

SPECIFICATIONSLoad Rating: 20 amps per circuit @ 120 voltsPower Requirement (no load): 15 watts per circuitSurge Let-Through Voltage (6000-volt surge): 0 volts UL 1449 Adjunct Classification Test Results:1000 surges, 6000 volts, 3000 amps, B3 pulse; Measured suppressed voltage: 170 volts; no failures. Federal Guidelines: Grade A, Class 1, Mode 1 (CID A-A-55818) EMI/RFI Filter, Normal Mode (50-ohm load): 40 dB @ 100 kHz; 50 dB @ 300 kHz; 50 dB @ 3 MHz; 50 dB @ 30 MHzEMI/RFI Filter, Common Mode (50-ohm load):18 dB @ 300 kHz; 30 dB @ 1 MHz; 50 dB @ 5 MHz; 50 dB @ 20 MHz Maximum Applied Surge Voltage: 6000 volts* Maximum Applied Surge Current:  Unlimited, due to current limiting* Maximum Applied Surge Energy: Unlimited, due to current limiting* Endurance (C62.41-1991 Category B3 pulses):1 kV>500,000; 3 kV>10,000; 6 kV>1000 Dimensions: 18.0” (38.0, 50.0, 56.0) H x 8.0” W x 6.0” D (45.72 [95.62, 127, 142.24] x 20.3 x 15.2 cm)Temperature Range: 5º to 35º CHumidity Range: 5% to 95% R.H., non-condensingAgency Listings: ETL and cETL (UL 1449, 2nd edition; CSA C22.2 No.8-M1986, R2000) *1.2 x 50 µs pulse, industry standard combination wavesurge, as per IEEE C62.41 Specifications subject to change without notice. This product, including its components and/or processes carried out thereby, are covered by one or more of the following: U.S. Pat. No. 4,870,534. 4,870,528. 6,728,089. 6,744,613. 7,068,487. Can. Pat. No. 1,333,191. 1,332,439. Other Patents Pending. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION The SGX20 shall be housed in a steel enclosure. It shall operate from 120 volts AC and have a barrier strip accessible through knock-outs in the enclosure for hardwiring power input and output connections. The SGX20 shall have a load rating of 20 amps per circuit at 120 volts, a self-test circuit with visual indicator and provide EMI/RFI filtering. It shall meet Federal Grade A, Class 1, Mode 1 guidelines for powerline surge suppressors and withstand at least 1000 occurrences of surge pulse voltages up to 6000 volts.

Whole Panel Surge Supression

Square D brand Surgelogic® HWA SPDs are multi-phase surge protective devices and noise filters in compact and affordable packages. The compact designs allow surge suppression to be installed adjacent to power panels or directly on sensitive equipment in harsh electrical conditions. 100kA TVSS Information 160kA TVSS Information

Current Monitoring

  • Available only on RPC or MSP series panelboards
  • Fully integrated into RPC web browser
  • Can monitor both mains and branch circuits
  • No additional software required
  • Email notifications
  • Can store up to a year of data
  • Graphing and charting functions

Circuit Metering Functions :

  • Current per circuit
  • Power per circuit
  • Power per circuit
  • Present demand
  • Max demand
  • Energy per circuit (kWh)
  • Power factor

Mains Metering Functions:

  • Current per phase
  • Energy (kWh)
  • kW real power per phase
  • Power factor
  • Voltage (L-L and L-N averages)
  • Frequency (phase A)




Additional Sequencer ON/OFF switch set, SPDT. (One is included with each PDS, MSLC or MSP sequencer system). OFF and illuminated ON push-button switches with built-in legends. 1 set required for each control location. (up to 5 supported)  Also compatible with RPC series.

Wiring Diagram for SS-2, SS-2PL, SS-2DPL and SS-2LRP (purchased after 10/1/19)

Wiring Diagram for SS-2, SS-2PL, and SS-2LRP (purchased before 10/1/19)

How to wire the SS-2, SS-2PL and SS-2LRP switch sets

The optional Booth On Switch is used to turn on booth equipment independently.


Locking Key Switch, SPDT, Supplied with 2 keys and tumbler lock-position label. For remote mounting in double-flatted .640″ x .750″ or 3/4” diameter round hole.  Compatible with MS, PDS and RPC series.


SS-2PL and SS-2DPL

Locking Wall Plate Switch Set  One SS-2 switch set on either a single gang stainless steel wall plate (SS-2PL) or a stainless steel decora insert (SS-2DPL) with a locking switch, two keys and a tumbler lock-position label.  Key may be removed in either locked or unlocked position.



Locking Rack Plate Switch Set.  One SS-2 switch set on a single rack plate with locking switch, two keys , and a tumbler lock position label.  Key may be removed in either locked or unlocked position.  19″ x 1.72″


Locking Rack Plate Switch Set.  Two SS-2 switch sets on a single rack plate with two locking switches, two keys , and a tumbler lock position label.  Key may be removed in either locked or unlocked position.  19″ x 1.72″