MSP Series

One-Touch Sequential System Control

The MSP series utilizes remote controlled breakers manufactured by Square D to provide a single panel sequencing solution. The panelboard is big and roomy with lots of space to work (250% more room than a load center), which makes it the electricians’ favorite! The MSP offers a dedicated cabinet for isolated technical grounding, and comes with 200% neutrals to reduce neutral overheating caused by switch-mode power supplies. The MSP series also offers bolt-on breakers as an option to traditional plug-on models, and can control one, two or three pole breakers.

  • Sequential turn on of electrical circuits, reverse sequence off, standard
  • Selectable delay step-rate setting standard
  • Simple set-up, no on-site commissioning required
  • Saves Space
  • Saves redundant installation and hardware costs!
  • Energy efficient – NO holding current or heat sinks required to maintain state – Runs cool, lasts long!
  • Automatic load shedding for emergency shut-down standard
  • Brownout (under-voltage) shut-down for processor protection standard
  • Contact closure inputs for one-touch system control standard
  • Contact closure outputs optional on all panels
  • SurgeX in-panel surge elimination modules – optional

Single Phase:

MSP 139-xx (for main breakers <100A)

MSP 141-xx (for main breakers >100A)

Three Phase:

MSP 338-xx (for main breakers <100A)

MSP 341-xx (for main breakers >100A)

Specifiying in 5 easy steps

  1. Choose the control method MS=Sequencing, LC=DMX512, and SC=RS-232
  2. Choose the cabinet style: P for panelboard
  3. Choose three phase (3) or single phase (1)
  4. Choose the number of circuits: 38 or 41 (38 circuits if the main size is 100A or less–see below)
  5. Choose the maximum number of controlled circuits: 12, 24, 36, or 48 for MS and 10,20, 30, 40,or 50 for LC and SC

EXAMPLE: MSP 341-24 = a 3 phase sequencing panel board with 41 circuits (24 max controlled) 

 Comprehensive Specifier’s Guide  adobe-logo.jpg

IPC Integrated Power Center

The RPC is also available in an integrated enclosure that combines an isolation transformer and up to 84 circuit breakers into a single standing floor unit.  Each panel is custom built to your specification.  Call or write for more information.

Flexible AC Power Control

Why Modular? Our AC power Sequencing Systems continue to use the time-proven Square D motorized circuit breakers for unrivaled reliability. Over the years,we have had many requests for variations in the control system to provide multiple sequenced systems in one sound system power panel.

The MS-12 Modular Sequencer board is a new building block— providing more flexibility to all models of the LynTec Modular Sequencing Load Center and Modular Sequencing Panelboard lines.

The size and shape factor of the panels remains the same — the number of circuit boards may increase and the control functions are improved.


MB and BMB Series Motorized Breakers

Available in 15, 20 and 30 Amps, one, two and three poles.

For complete mototized breaker details click here.

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Lyntec Seqencing Power Control Panel

Lyntec Seqencing Power Control Panel

Animation of a “one-touch” power sequencing system. LynTec allows you to control your complete audio video and lighting system with a simple touch of a button. Your system will power up properly, in the order specified, with the delays required, the right way every time

Integrated Power Center - Single Cabinet Solution

Integrated Power Center – Single Cabinet Solution

See the IPC at a glance – an elegant way to package a very common panelboard(s) + transformer design.

Power Control Simplified

Power Control Simplified

LynTec Panel Basics: Why a controllable breaker panel? Square D motorized branch circuit breakers plus LynTec customized control electronics provides the most elegant electrical power control platform.

MS Series Demo

MS Series Demo

Video demonstration of LynTec’s MS (modular sequencing) power panel system. Demo includes panel set up, wiring and operation. Also explains load center and panelboard enclosure options.

Building a Motorized Breaker Panel System Part Number

Building a Motorized Breaker Panel System Part Number

In this video we describe how to create a system part number for a LynTec motorized circuit breaker panel. We cover panel, control board and motorized breaker options.

Wiring a Switch Set

Wiring a Switch Set

Directions for wiring the LynTec SS-2, SS-2PL and SS-2LRP switch sets.

Daisy Chaining Sequencing Panels

Daisy Chaining Sequencing Panels

LynTec sequencing panels can be daisy-chained together to sequence on and off an unlimited number of circuits with the touch of a single button. This video demonstrates basic wiring between panels. Applies to PDS-10, MSLC, and MSP panels.

Controllable Motorized Circuit Breaker Tutorial

Controllable Motorized Circuit Breaker Tutorial

LynTec uses Square D manufactured remotely operated motorized branch circuit breakers to build custom AC power control systems for the pro A/V industry.