Power Panel Control Matrix

For power panel control for your light and sound set up, you deserve the best. Whether you are in a NFL stadium or a high school auditorium, safety and reliability are key. LynTec is the premier supplier of electrical power control solutions when you need to sound and look professional. We manufacture top of the line audio, video, and lighting system controls and we can help you with a variety of different options, from a relay based sidecar to a motorized breaker panel board.

Whatever your power panel control needs, LynTec are the experts to contact. We have over 10,000 installations under our belt in a variety of different sports, entertainment, education, government, and corporate settings. If you have an existing circuit breaker panel, we can use a Relay Based Sidecar on any model as a retrofit. Our qualified technicians can also offer you a Motorized Breaker Load Center, Motorized Breaker Panelboard, or G3 Motorized Breaker Panelboard depending on your needs. The Motorized Breaker Load Center is the best value and is appropriate for home use, while the Motorized Breaker Panelboard is for commercial use. The G3 Motorized Breaker Panelboard is networkable, comes with state of the art electronics, and remote monitoring.

There is a power panel control available for every system. If you want to explore the options and differences closer, the Panel Feature Matrix has the full breakdown of key features, control options, and electrical options. With this succinct summary, you can easily see what choices have what qualities. For example, all of the panel controls have emergency override as a safety feature. Only the G3 Motorized Breaker Panelboard has web browser setup. By looking at this sheet, you can determine which one is best for your space. You can also check out our full Catalog for a complete itemization of our selection.

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AC Power Controls

Sidecars PDS10-150w.jpg

Motorized Breaker Load Center MSLC-150w.jpg

Motorized Breaker Panelboard MSP-150w.jpg

G3 Motorized
Breaker Panelboard RPC-150w.jpg

One-Touch Sequenced System Control PDS-10 MSLC MSP RPC
DMX 512 Individual Circuit Control LCRP LCLC LCP RPC
RS-232 Individual Circuit Control SCRP SCLC SCP RPC
(TCP/IP) Networkable Control RPCR RPC
  • Use for retrofits
  • Works with ANY existing circuit breaker panel
  • Can be daisy-chained for unlimited circuit control
  • PDS, LCRP, & SCRP–4, 8 or 10 relays
  • RPCR–8 to 64 relays

  • Residential-sized cabinet
  • All motorized breakers
    available in:

    • 1, 2, or 3 poles
    • 15, 20, or 30 amps
  • Up to 41 circuits

  • Commercial grade enclosure
  • Can accept bolt-on breakers
  • 200% Neutrals
  • Dedicated isolated ground sidecar
  • Up to 41 circuits

  • Commercial grade enclosure
    • (up to 277v)
  • Most advanced electronics
  • Can setup, and control with a web browser
  • Remote monitoring
  • One controller can control up to 167 circuits

Need to compare more features?  Check out our Panel Feature Matrix or our Full Catalog!