RS-232 Controlled Relay Panel

  • Tested, complete package — low labor — mount next to circuit breaker panel to control AC power “hot” lines
  • Time proven, reliable, G-E RR7P3 latching relays snap in and have low voltage plug-in connectors
  • Low power consumption — no continuous relay coil current — runs cool for long life
  • Diagnostic LEDs and internal ON -OFF test switches speed installation for testing and troubleshooting
  • Cabinet and all components connected to high voltage are ULlisted — Electrician friendly
  • 4, 8 or 10 circuits — 120, 240 or 277volt models available
  • Daisy-chains for unlimited circuitcount
  • Easy set-up, no on-site commissioning or factory start-up required
  • Simple jumper system sets RS-232 addressing
  • Individual or zone control of circuits
  • IP / serial integration with Building Management Systems
  • Automatic load shedding feature standard
  • Brownout / Power outage shut-down standard
  • Built-in emergency override function

G-E RR7 and RR9 Relay ratings

Power Contacts: Latching

  • 20A Tungsten, 125Vac 1/2HP motor at 110-125Vac
  • 30A Ballast, 277Vac 1 1/2 HP motor at 277Vac
  • 30A Resistive, 277VAC
  • 20A Ballast, 347VAC 1 1/2 HP motor at 220-277VAC
  • 20A Resistive, 347Vac


This product is NEC 110 Compliant when used in accordance withthe following: Suitable For Use On A Circuit Capable Of Delivering Not More Than 10 kA Sym. Amps., 277 Volts Maximum.UL Listed 508G Industrial Control Equipment — CSA certified

Low voltage characteristics — RR7P3 P3 suffix denotes a 3 pin, .156″ AMP or Molex connector attached.

RR9P has a five pin connector.  Actuating coils: 21-30 Vac (class 2) Momentary. OFF (1-black),ON (2-red), Common (3-Blue) 55-60 Ohms DCR, each coil.