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If you are outfitting an event center, stadium, performing arts center, or other space with a sophisticated audio, video, and lighting system, LynTec can help with cutting edge electrical power control systems. We work side by side with audio engineers, architects, and designers to present remotely operated AC power control solutions. Starting in 1982 and growing to take the place of the leading manufacturer in the industry, we are proud of our state of the art products, talented employees, and ability to help a wide variety of clients, from small churches to NFL stadiums. Read here for information on our projects and answers to questions.

Efficient, Affordable Load Shedding for Solar Applications

As solar power becomes more commonplace, more businesses have begun to install solar-powered systems with backup generators to address load shedding requirements. Load shedding is the act of disconnecting the electrical current on certain lines when the demand becomes greater than the supply. This is an important element when implementing a backup generator or […]

The Benefits of Using LynTec Control Panels for Industrial Lighting

Many warehouses have replaced their old high-intensity discharge lights with fluorescents and LEDs, which have brought about significant energy savings. However, it’s possible to save even more on energy and equipment expenses with the use of our lighting control panels.

Since warehouses often have low occupancy, it’s generally not cost-effective to keep all areas […]

Superior Lighting Control for Agricultural Applications

Controlled environment agriculture is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do warehouses and vertical farming reduce the need for large parcels of land, but every detail of the crop’s environment can be controlled – from lighting to ventilation fans – giving it the best chance to produce the optimal yield.

While you could turn on the […]

Cost-effective Lighting Control Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Whether you have façade lighting on your building, are adding a new video wall or digital signage, or are converting to LED lighting, you likely want your equipment to last as long as possible with the least amount of maintenance. LynTec power control panels are a convenient, economical way to prolong the life of […]

The Art of Lighting Control: Art Museum of South Texas Case Study

Gallery art is made to be viewed, which means it’s also meant to be properly lit. Lighting design can make or break a gallery, casing light and shadow in a way that can highlight or diminish the pieces accordingly. Furthermore, every piece in the gallery is presumably unique, requiring flexibility and customization where necessary. […]

Retrofit DMX Lighting Control Relay Panel

The DMX-512 lighting control replay panel (LCRP) is a complete, energy-efficient solution for audiovisual industry professionals and facility managers. From a single location, this space-saving panel is incredibly easy to work with while offering superior lighting control to our clients. The entire package is simply mounted anywhere near a circuit breaker panel to control […]

PDS-10 Retrofit Relay Panel for Power Sequencing

Over the past several years, IP technology and networkable product lines have been the focus in the Power Control industry, as well as for LynTec. However, let’s not forget about the “days of old” and LynTec’s customer-favorite Legacy Lines. For over 30 years, LynTec has delivered two great products in the contact-closure driven PDS-10 […]

Power Off or Stay On?

It’s an age-old debate. Is it better to keep your electronics powered on constantly? Or turn them off each evening? One side of the debate argues that powering off your electronics on a regular basis creates a cycle of heating and cooling that causes expansion and contraction components and solder joints, which could lead […]

LynTec Works With Designers to Create Effective and Efficient Power Control

Welcome to LynTec, a manufacturer of high quality and innovative power control solutions for audio, visual, and lighting systems. We work with businesses, organizations, and venues around the globe. If you are in the beginning of the design process, now is the time to build in modern power control. It is far easier to […]

The Need for Remote Power Control is Key to Future Scalability

Paul Rabinovitz is a consultant that has worked with LynTec to provide clients with state-of-the-art power control solutions. Some of these include: corporations, sports stadiums, houses of worship, performance halls, and other large venues. According to Rabinovitz, “Lyntec has a solution to a problem that most people don’t know exists yet.” Every device, as […]

10 Reasons to Use LynTec Remote Control Panels (RPC)

Your probably know that LynTec’s RPC Panels offer electrical on/off control for audio, video, and lighting installations. However, you may not know there are many reasons to rely on these innovative electrical panels beyond simple on/off control.

Save Space
LynTec has revolutionized the industry by combining circuit protection and on/off control in the same enclosure. […]

What Does Whole Venue Control Mean?

Recently LynTec displayed our new Networkable Power Automation Control (NPAC) rack-mounted system and Whole Venue Control capabilities at the Live Design International tradeshow in Las Vegas. What a fun event to showcase our entertainment technology while networking with peers. LDI has over 14,000 attendees working in every aspect of the industry. We were able […]

Updating Your House of Worship’s AVL Systems

The advances in audio, video, and lighting technology have not left houses of worship behind. Many churches are looking into the exciting opportunities emerging in the AVL industry to turn their facilities into more captivating spaces that fully embrace the latest trends. However, in order to completely utilize the market’s newest sound and lighting […]

New Federal Distribution Transformer Regulations Coming in 2016

LynTec RPC Panelboards Support Light Beam Atop One World Trade Center

Motorized Panelboards Bring Electrical Protection and Remote Control Capabilities to New York City’s Leading Landmark
LENEXA, Kan. — May 6, 2014 — LynTec, a leading manufacturer of customized electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, today announced that the company’s RPC 329, RPC 341, and RPS 342 panelboards are being used […]

Relays vs. Controllable Breakers for Lighting Control, which is better?

We get asked this question regularly because LynTec sells both controllable circuit breaker panels and relay panels for electrical control; “which panel solution is the right one for my application”?

Well the answer is… it depends!  But usually, the choice between the two control options becomes obvious depending upon how you answer the questions below….

Read […]

Comparison of Traditional vs. Smart Lighting Control Panels

In a traditional lighting control panel, you have low voltage switching devices (relays or switch grade circuit breakers) combined with a master control or building automation system.  The master control system is the communication channel that provides the instruction to the switching device to open or close the circuit.  Most are simple scheduling systems, […]

How Much Does a Smart Lighting Control Panel Cost?

As with any project or journey; knowing where you want to wind up helps guide you through the process of getting there. Planning power control for lighting is no different. There are a number of questions to ask as you go through your planning process.

Answers to these questions will give you a solid starting […]

Proper Electrical Sequencing Control and Set-Up for Installed Audio Systems

LynTec One-Touch Sequencing Control Takes Center Stage  at The Prairie School Performing Arts Auditorium

LynTec, a leading manufacturer of customized electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, today announced that the company’s MSLC Modular Sequencing Load Center has been installed in the performing arts auditorium of The Prairie School. Located in […]

The Refuge Selects LynTec Relay Panels for New North Carolina Campus

The Refuge’s new Kannapolis campus features state-of-the-art sound and light systems that turn sermons, concerts, and other church events into immersive audience experiences. To add simple remote sequencing and control, easy status updates via the Web, and the ability to power down equipment completely, integrator WAVE turned to LynTec’s award-winning RPCR-48 and RPCR-24 relay […]

How It’s Done: Adding Remote Control to Existing Electrical Panels

For AVL systems installed within schools and other permanent or temporary assembly spaces, relay panels are becoming essential components for advanced power solutions.  Beyond providing protection from surges by removing controlled devices from the power source when they are not in use, remote relay panels enable energy savings, of/off control, and install flexibility, in […]

Your Energy Report Card

Are you interested in energy savings strategies?  If so, there is a great article in this month’s AV networks about energy savings in schools, specifically related to IT and AV.

“With each uninhabited room wasting as much as several kilowatts of power, it’s a lot of electricity and money that could go to other, more […]

How new LED and power distribution technology is changing performance space design

With the rapid transition to LED luminaires in performance spaces already underway, several considerations must be taken into account when it comes to lighting and power system design and distribution. Theatre designers and technicians are now faced with decisions that will affect the efficiency, architecture,and workflow of their installations. The following discussion will provide […]

One Church, Many Locations

There’s a great article in the January 2014 issue of Technologies for Worship magazine detailing a project in Hawaii.  Inspire is a large multi-campus based church and the design firm is Axia Concepts.

Read the full article

Top 10 Reasons to Use Intelligent Power Control

1 – The National Electric Code prohibits the use of conventional circuit breakers as a switch.  Using the handle on a circuit breaker repeatedly will reduce its protective rating and can result in nuisance trips and possibly increase the potential for a fire hazard.  Switch grade breakers or AC relays are required to add […]

LynTec LDI Preview

At LDI 2013 LynTec will introduce the first intelligent mobile power distribution panel — our new RPCM, which is based on our trusted RPC controller and offers a built-in Web server so anyone on the network with access to a browser can set up, control, and monitor their power. In addition, we will have […]

Rebuilding Starts with a Strong Foundation and the Right Specifications for AV, Lighting & Power Controls

It takes a village to raise a child, but in the case of a hurricane ravaged section of the 9th Ward, it took the city of New Orleans & dedicated professionals to jump start the specifications for the rebuild of George Washington Carver High School.
In 2005 and in the wake of the devastation […]

Powerful Business Practices

Great interview with our reps at Cardone Solomon and Associates.  It’s an overview of their business practices with regard to power solutions.  We’re really proud of all our hardworking reps.

Read the article

A Unique Industrial Application that Supports the Beauty of Designing with Remote Power Control

The beauty business relies on aerosols to deliver products to consumers, but the propellants in many of these are considered highly flammable.  To minimize […]

Twelve Reasons to Use LynTec RPC Panels Beyond Simple On/Off Control

If you would like to add electrical on/off control to your audio, video or lighting installation there are a number of good options.  Here are a dozen reasons to use LynTec RPC panels beyond simple on and off control.

Save rack and wall space.  LynTec uses switch-rated motorized breaker panels that combine circuit protection and […]

Back to School Means Back to Key Fundamentals for Successful Power Controls

HFP Consulting Inc. gets an A+ on the design of another successful project and provides numerous AV / Sound systems with LynTec Power Controls for a Texas High School.

THE PROJECT To meet the educational requirements of children in a growing Texas school district, College Station identified the need for a new high school campus. […]

Barbizon Specifies the Right Infrastructure for Scalability and Sustainability

With over 60 years of experience Barbizon Lighting Company has set the standard for providing innovative lighting solutions with top notch results and highly satisfied clients.

From its post World War II roots, and its […]

Rave reviews for the AV & Acoustical Design of the Las Vegas Smith Center

The Las Vegas community gives a standing ovation for the construction of a new performing arts center and live venue complex designed to bring an arts & cultural complex to Southern Nevada residents
The Las Vegas Smith Center is built on a 5-acre former Brownfield. It cost $470 million to build, took 33 months […]

Current Monitoring Option for RPC Series Panels

LynTec is now offering current monitoring for RPC series panelboards.  This option provides power and energy data on branch circuits as well as mains and neutrals.  The package includes all hardware and is fully integrated with the RPC controller.  There is no additional software to purchase and there are no additional service fees.  Consider […]

High Current Option for RPC Series Panels

LynTec now offers remote control for electrical loads greater than 30 amperes.

Driven by customer feedback we now offer load switching capacity in our power control panels beyond that available through motorized breakers. By utilizing popular IEC style contactors, loads as large as 125 amperes can be controlled in the same cabinet and controlled by […]

When Performance Matters Be Specific About Your AC Power Needs

Community theatre has long been an important piece of local and regional culture. However, in Auburn, New York it is destined to be even more than that.
Considered part of a larger redevelopment and revitalization project, the Schwartz Family Performing Arts Center will be one of four venues in the city that will enable […]

A Higher Calling: Design 2020 Sets Standards for AV & Lighting Power Systems in House of Worship

Audio, video and lighting systems are important in most installations but for Houses of Worship these components can often mean the difference between serving up a sermon that makes an impact and packs a church versus one that leaves parishioners wishing they were somewhere else.
Recently, Design2020, a consulting firm specializing in HOW facilities […]

Lighting Timer Controls Made Simple – Now THAT’S a BRIGHT Idea!

With the tremendous options that are available in lighting controls, I am amazed when I review Electrical Engineering drawings (primarily corporate interior projects) by how “old school” the approach is for wiring, circuiting and controlling general office lighting.  Typically ceiling light fixtures are wired, row by row back to the electrical closet where some […]

The Future of Lighting and Power Distribution in Theatre Design

Lighting sources, controls & distribution, as well as system & fixture “intelligence” is changing rapidly. This paper discusses the ways in which the industry and designers are handling these changes and preparing for the future.
When we think of lighting systems design for live entertainment venues, we think of elaborate lighting systems, dimmers and conventional […]

The Power, Lighting & Control Behind the Austin City Limits’ Moody Theater

Located in the 2nd Street district of downtown Austin, the Austin City Limits Stage at theMoody Theater is part of a mixed-use, 31-story tower that includes office space, condos,restaurants, retail space & the W Austin Hotel.

The entertainment Mecca, recentlynamed “Best New Major Concert Venue”by Pollstar Magazine, is the new hometo KLRU-TV’s production, Austin […]

AC Power for AV Systems – Think Outside of the Box (Rack)

A typical AV system has about 30 different components within the AV cabinet (rack).  Each component provides some audio, video, or control functionality which allows them to function as a “system”.  The one thing common to just about all AV components – they need power.

Most AV racks have a combination of plug strips and […]

Brave New World of Entertainment Lighting

The popularity of our PDS-10 relay panel rose along with the popularity of powered speakers.  System designers and operators realized that if they were going to spend large amounts on sophisticated speaker systems, they had better find ways to turn them off when not in use to extend their life.  The amplifiers moved into the […]


We’re always looking for better ways to serve niche AC power control needs, and we try hard to continue to listen to our customers.  I thought for our first post, I would share a good example of the type of thing we have been hearing a lot lately.  It can be found here in this […]

LynTec is a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems. Working closely with system designers, LynTec incorporates electrical protection, circuit switching capabilities, and an operational controller within a common enclosure — saving valuable wall space, lowering installation costs, and simplifying system operation. This state-of-the-art approach to electrical control solutions has positioned LynTec as a trusted resource for any demanding installation with complex power control requirements.


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