Welcome to LynTec, a manufacturer of high quality and innovative power control solutions for audio, visual, and lighting systems. We work with businesses, organizations, and venues around the globe. If you are in the beginning of the design process, now is the time to build in modern power control. It is far easier to build the ability to safely and comprehensively control your AVL systems then to retrofit the system later. If you are a designer, or a venue owner hiring a designer, be sure to include power control into the initial design. Whether that’s a state-of-the-art control room in a government facility or a rack mounted system in a booth in your performing arts center, you deserve power control solutions that are tailored to your needs.


Use Our Questions to Guide You To The Best Products for Your Venue

To assist designers through the process of setting up adequate power control for their space, LynTec has established a list of questions. We ask clear questions about electrical requirements, such as “Installing a new electrical system or looking to add control to an existing electrical system?”,  “How many circuits are you trying to control and what is the total circuit count?” , and “What size breakers or relays are needed?”. For example, if you are outfitting a new space, then we recommend our motorized circuit breaker panel as the best choice. However, if you are adding control to an existing electrical system, then you will need a relay panel. Reading through these questions will help you evaluate your venue’s needs and determine the right products for you. It also has information on installation and integration, such as, our NPAC Multi-Circuit Rack Mount does not require an electrician to install.


The full text of the white paper can be found here. If you are a designer at the beginning stages of figuring out AVL systems and power control for a venue, or if you are retrofitting an existing system, this straightforward list helps break down different options.Read the full text here.

If you need power control solutions for your house of worship, school, conference center, theater, or other facility, LynTec has innovative options. Find the one that’s right for your space. Contact us if you have any questions.