Paul Rabinovitz is a consultant that has worked with LynTec to provide clients with state-of-the-art power control solutions. Some of these include: corporations, sports stadiums, houses of worship, performance halls, and other large venues. According to Rabinovitz, “Lyntec has a solution to a problem that most people don’t know exists yet.” Every device, as a component of a designed system in a major facility, has to have a branch circuit breaker somewhere, so why not include in that circuit breaker system an intelligent on/off ability to prepare your facility for the future?

Protect Expensive AV and Lighting Equipment From the Beginning

Many clients might not at first realize the need for remote power control and web based monitoring that LynTec offers. However, these high-tech Remote Power Control (RPC) circuit breakers give security to your system, which grounds your expensive equipment and can prolong the life of your installed hardware. In addition, it is not an expensive piece to build into the start-up costs, but can be an expensive hassle to retrofit older systems. Rabinovitz stressed the need for everyone to realize the need for smart power control, from the client to the designer, so the original installation can be designed with power control in mind, not added on as an afterthought later.

Venues invest quite a lot into professional lighting and/or AV equipment. These sophisticated systems are much more involved than the simple power requirements of facility bathroom lighting, which can be turned off and on rapidly, or the facility’s refrigerators, which will run continuously.

Conventional wisdom used to hold that AVL systems could run continuously. The lighting fixture may be listed as capable of lasting a certain number of hours, but if you run systems constantly components can wear out much faster. While the LED lighting may make it as long as predicted, with continuous use the power supplies and fans may need to be replaced. Prolong the life of your installed hardware and protect your sizable investment with proper power control. View stats on LynTec’s RPC here.