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The Art of Lighting Control: Art Museum of South Texas Case Study

Gallery art is made to be viewed, which means it’s also meant to be properly lit. Lighting design can make or break a gallery, casing light and shadow in a way that can highlight or diminish the pieces accordingly. Furthermore, every piece in the gallery is presumably unique, requiring flexibility and customization where necessary. […]

Retrofit DMX Lighting Control Relay Panel

The DMX-512 lighting control replay panel (LCRP) is a complete, energy-efficient solution for audiovisual industry professionals and facility managers. From a single location, this space-saving panel is incredibly easy to work with while offering superior lighting control to our clients. The entire package is simply mounted anywhere near a circuit breaker panel to control […]

PDS-10 Retrofit Relay Panel for Power Sequencing

Over the past several years, IP technology and networkable product lines have been the focus in the Power Control industry, as well as for LynTec. However, let’s not forget about the “days of old” and LynTec’s customer-favorite Legacy Lines. For over 30 years, LynTec has delivered two great products in the contact-closure driven PDS-10 […]

How LynTec Benefits Your Systems

Adding LynTec to your Pro AVL installation offers a number of tremendous benefits.  These include electrical savings, extended life cycles for LED light fixtures and installed audio gear, reduced maintenance costs, electrical surge protection and simplified system operation.  We’ve prepared a brief one-page report that outlines the benefits of including LynTec power control panels […]

LynTec is a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems. Working closely with system designers, LynTec incorporates electrical protection, circuit switching capabilities, and an operational controller within a common enclosure — saving valuable wall space, lowering installation costs, and simplifying system operation. This state-of-the-art approach to electrical control solutions has positioned LynTec as a trusted resource for any demanding installation with complex power control requirements.


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