Over the past several years, IP technology and networkable product lines have been the focus in the Power Control industry, as well as for LynTec. However, let’s not forget about the “days of old” and LynTec’s customer-favorite Legacy Lines. For over 30 years, LynTec has delivered two great products in the contact-closure driven PDS-10 (audio) and DMX-512 controlled LCRP (lighting).

These systems are quite simply the best one-two punch in the industry, and the most economical.

While most AV firms are still hard-wiring powered speakers into existing electrical systems, remote relays are a great way to add control and protect your equipment. LynTec’s relay-based control system is incredibly easy to install and operate, and better yet, it’s a green solution for facilities looking to reduce their energy usage.

Our PDS-10 and LCRP systems have been available for decades, installed in thousands of venues and they still offer the same unmatched user convenience they always have. With 4, 8, or 10 relays installed, the device can be daisy-chained to an unlimited number of circuits within a single system. It can be controlled by up to six sets of switches from up to 5000 feet away, successfully protecting your system from operator error via a simple off-on switch-set. Loudspeakers are protected from clicks and booms, and your AV team has a much easier time training new operators. Every electric device in your system connects back to your circuit breaker panel. All you have to do is add the PDS-10 anywhere between the circuit breaker panel and your equipment. Have an electrician hook everything up and follow the simple connection process, and that’s it. You’re ready to roll.

If simplicity and low power consumption weren’t big enough draws, the PDS-10 also features our unique “Brownout Shut-Down” sequence to protect your panel and equipment against the surges associated with power outages. A power outage can potentially damage electronics with unsteady spikes when the power comes back online, and the brownout system prevents that damage. We make sure our product stores enough power to initiate a proper shutdown after loss of electricity so that it can restart as intended when the power comes back. The system waits a full five seconds to ensure a steady flow of electricity before sequencing back up, eliminating the potential for damage, as well as pops and booms.

LynTec is proud to continue delivering exemplary products to our customers so that they can deliver superior sound throughout their facilities. If you have other questions about either the PDS-10 or the LCRP, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.