By Utilizing LynTec’s Power Control Management Solutions, Customers can Empower their Control Room

There are many aspects to consider when designing a new control room or updating your current control facility. In order to make sure the control room can function as the central hub of your organization, you need the equipment to properly process the vital information to keep everything running as efficiently as possible.

One element crucial to modern control room design? Smart power control. Alan Tschirner, Vice President of LynTec said, “As studio lighting transitions away from traditional incandescent to intelligent LED fixtures, dimmer boards or panels are no longer included in the design. The fixture’s onboard processing controls the intensity and color output of the light. In the absence of dimmers, there is no way to effectively or efficiently turn power off and on to these fixtures without utilizing remote power control.”

By using LynTec’s innovative power control panels, customers have the capacity to further the life of their intelligent lighting system, reduce operating costs, and have a system that enables a “reboot” of any fixture that has lost its place. High tech power controls don’t just help you manage lighting. For audio engineers, remote power control make sure that digital equipment is turned on in a correct process that is replicated each time. It’s critical that each piece of the audio system has the necessary boot time to fully start, or the system won’t perform properly. Power sequencing is turning into a key concern as more digital equipment moves to the network. As more devices go to the same network, they need to start in a precise order to complete the communication handshake to operate with other devices on the network. Unfortunately, a number of the sequencing systems available for sale do not provide the necessary range of flexibility to boot up each component in the system separately before the next equipment comes online. When it comes to customizable power control sequencing, LynTec is the leading manufacturer of solutions that work for a variety of venues and applications, including churches, arenas, conference centers, performance halls, and other spaces.

Power sequencing isn’t the only benefit of Lyntec’s power management equipment. There is also the ability to completely control different zones of a large venue on a single network with Whole Venue Control. There’s the ability to minimize space with a wall mounted unit. Also importantly, Tschirner says power control also offers “protection from under voltage events can damage expensive systems”. These are just some of the benefits of efficient power management solutions in your control room. To learn more about LynTec’s dynamic power control solutions, look here for the full product line and information.

For more information about considerations for your control room, read the original article Alan Tschirner was quoted in here.