The advances in audio, video, and lighting technology have not left houses of worship behind. Many churches are looking into the exciting opportunities emerging in the AVL industry to turn their facilities into more captivating spaces that fully embrace the latest trends. However, in order to completely utilize the market’s newest sound and lighting advances, churches have a lot to consider in terms of power distribution and electrical support:

Get The Right Equipment For Your Needs

Although it’s not the first thing to come to mind when you are updating your facility, it’s critical to get modern power sequencing controls for your church’s new systems. Unfortunately for budget-conscious congregations, many installers are still relying on outdated equipment for distributing power in worship setting. Traditional methods for controlling power loads are centered on outlet-type devices, which can be less cost effective when compared to circuit-level control. For example, in circuits consisting of five outlets, the equal number of devices will need to be bought and installed in order to turn outlets on and off – incurring more costs over time and hassle than simply switching off circuit breakers that are already conveniently installed and accessible to your staff. While the majority of installers may not be aware that the latest technologies, like motorized circuit breakers, can be straightforwardly integrated into applications beyond the traditional industrial approach, it is possible. Using the right control panels can save your church time and money.

Whether you have an intimate chapel or a megachurch, there are options available to suit your needs. Many churches are installing moving lights, LEDs for color washing, large projection capabilities, and updated sound systems so every parishioner can hear clearly, from the front seats to the very rear of the church. With these innovations comes a greater need for proper power distribution, circuit control, and electrical design to ensure their parishioners have the best experience possible, energy is used efficiently, and audio engineers can easily operate the system. Fortunately, Lyntec has a wide range of options, for every size and type of house of worship. Contact us today online or by calling (800) 724-4047 to discuss electrical control options for your church facility.