Customers Now Have the Option to Mix and Match LynTec’s Dynamic and Scalable Power Control Panels on One Network

You may know that LynTec is the trusted name in creative and high tech wall-mounted or rack-mounted electrical power control panels for professional AVL systems. Did you know that they provide Whole Venue Control? This new offering allows clients the ability to mix and match our robust RPC Remote Motorized Panels, RPCR Relay Panel Systems, and new NPAC Multi-Circuit Rackmount units all together on a single network for a user-friendly interface. Control your entire venue with ease!

Mark Bishop, president of the company, explains, “Previously, each LynTec controller interface could only display one panel type and customers could not have control zones that extended across multiple panel types,” and “After listening to our customers, we worked with our engineers to give them more flexibility. Now, with Whole Venue Control, we’ve made it possible to extend zones across motorized circuit breakers and relays within the same network. This means that our customers can now put the right panel in the right place to leverage the unique LynTec feature set that they know and love across an entire venue.”

LynTec’s Whole Venue Control capabilities allow system designers to create a totally customized audio, visual, and lighting power control system. Engineers and designers can now utilize different components from LynTec’s cutting edge collection of electrical power control solutions to handle the individual infrastructure needs of their space, whatever kind of venue you’re working in. The Whole Venue Control capabilities can be applied to a wide variety of uses. By accessing a single IP address with their LynTec power control panel, users can organize, control, and oversee every individual AVL sequence or DMX lighting zone throughout the venue with one simple system. This makes LynTec the perfect power control and management solutions source for:

  • Performance halls
  • Nightclubs
  • Mega churches
  • Convention centers
  • Amphitheaters
  • Stadiums
  • Other large facilities

Check out the different products we offer, including the RPC IP Based Motorized Panel, RPCR Relay Panel System, NPAC Multi-Circuit Rack Mount, PDS Panel sequencing panel, and LCRP-MX Lighting Control. Find out more information about how LynTec’s power control and power management solutions can be used in your facility at