The Number One RPC Panels in the Industry Now Provide Customized Circuit-Level Sequencing Setup

LynTec is proud to be a market leader in creative and cutting edge electrical power control solutions. As a groundbreaking manufacturer of control panels for professional audio, video, and lighting equipment, we are always looking to improve the quality and capabilities of our products. We are pleased to announce that we have improved the sequencing setup options within our RPC and RPCR series of electrical control panels to erase the previous issues of correctly powering on digital audio systems.

“The initial boot-up process for digital audio systems is an increasingly complex task. Digital consoles, digital snakes, and wireless microphones all have unique start-up requirements.  Unless they’re turned on properly, they will not recognize other equipment—preventing the system from communicating or functioning as a whole,” explains Mark Bishop, president of the company. “This is a big frustration for many audio engineers, who have to resort to manually tweaking the system or re-booting individual pieces. Because of these start-up frustrations, many audio pros have abandoned off-the-shelf sequencers since they only sequence in one order and only at a single step rate. With our new sequencing setup options, we’ve solved this challenge, making LynTec’s RPC and RPCR panels as the power automation control solution.”

With this new upgrade, LynTec continues to lead the pack in electrical power solutions for all types of venues, from football stadiums to houses of worship. Now all RPC controllable circuit breakers and RPCR relay panels have a step rate in-between each circuit being controlled that is completely customizable. This new features also lets audio engineers determine the order that each circuit turns on. So a user can select the exact seconds, any number between 1 and 999 seconds, that are required to let their digital equipment to totally start prior to the next phase of the sequence starting. For instance, if a sound engineer figures out that precisely 54 seconds are necessary to completely boot-up the digital console prior to the digital snake powering on, they can pick the custom delay setting and enter in 54 into the space provided. The new setting will automatically make sure the system turns on correctly each time by sending a single ‘on’ command. This new upgrade gives audio engineers better control over the power control panel and solves the startup troubles previously experienced.

LynTec officially unveiled this new capability in 2017 and is available in all new models of the RPC-IP Based Motorized and other electrical control panels. If you have already have RPC series panels installed in your venue, this new capacity is available as a complimentary firmware upgrade. This is just one example of how LynTec continues to offer new and existing customers the best technological innovations in power control.