HFP Consulting Inc. gets an A+ on the design of another successful project and provides numerous AV / Sound systems with LynTec Power Controls for a Texas High School.

THE PROJECT To meet the educational requirements of children in a growing Texas school district, College Station identified the need for a new high school campus. Earmarked to be the first new educational building for the town since 1967, the three-story, 500,000 square foot, ground up project was a significant investment for the College Station Independent School District and the community that supported its construction.


Begun in late 2009, the project architect, SHW Architects out of Houston created a stunning design for the educational facility and the project had met significant completion as of July 2012. School doors are expected to open in time for the 2012 school year with a target completion date in August 2012. The project was also directed to meet the requirements to achieve LEED Silver.

The project will incorporate new technology along with sophisticated AV systems for a variety of spaces including:

  • Performance Theater
  • Four Technology Classroom
  • Music rooms – Choir, Orchestra, Band, Drama
  • Competition Gymnasium
  • Secondary Gymnasium
  • Dining Room
  • Football Stadium
  • Softball & Baseball Stadium

The AV and Sound systems were valued at well over$1 million dollars and were connected to LynTec RPC circuit breaker panels.

The scope of work for the performance areas included the design of systems for the school’s Choir, Orchestra, Band and Drama Rooms as well as a 300 seat full performing arts center that will be used to host both school and other local College Station community events once the school is opened.

HFP worked closely with the College Station AV team along with Covenant Communications, the local Houston based AV System Integrator to ensure that all specifications were adhered to exactly. Throughout the entire project, clean power was a key prerequisite and the control of it an important element to meeting project directives.


The HFP team selected LynTec RPC Panels with IP and RS232 control for all circuit breaker panels supporting the AV system. The panels were specified by HFP by model, size and circuit needs and carried under the M/E/P section of the master specifications for the building.

The RPC panels provide a way to access and control the AV / sound equipment and enable the proper sequencing for turning on and off systems.

Monitoring and control capabilities include connection to the Crestron control system via a touch panel and also direct connection over IP.

Specific functionality requirements were to provide the school with the ability to power off equipment as well as including the ability to shut the system down at the circuit breaker level. With this kind of power control specified, HFP was able to incorporate energy savings programming into the project and provide the client with the ability to shut systems completely off after hours and on weekends.


Of the LynTec panels specified, Bill Schuermann comments, “Whether we are designing a performing arts center or a gymnasium, music room or classroom, all of our projects are based on delivering high end performance spaces. We expect the products that we specify to not only meet our clients’ needs but to exceed them. It seems that the LynTec product never disappoints, and it is clear to see why their products and their support are a consistent part of every one of HFP’s projects involving power and lighting controls.”

Bill adds, “When people hire a consulting firm, they expect the consulting team to direct them in the right ways. After we design and specify the equipment and it is installed, the LynTec panels are rarely “seen” on a project, but the products’ functionality continues to positively impact the client and touch every part of our designs long after we’ve closed out the project.”

This paper was developed based on an interview with Bill Schuermann, Senior Design Consultant for HFP Consulting, a multi-faceted firm providing quality professional services to a variety of clients worldwide. In this case study, Bill shares his thoughts on providing clean power and per circuit level control.


With offices in the United States and Canada, HFP provides acoustical consulting services for major industrial, infrastructure and architectural clients. Founded in 1979, HFP has successfully completed more than 2800 acoustical engineering projects in 19 countries on 6 continents.

Audiovisual, control and engineering services include:

  • Total sound and video system design for live performance, recording, permanent commercial installation, background music, public address, speech reinforcement, and specialty applications
  • Control system design for any degree of A/V system complexity and any desirable automation
  • Computer modeling showing loudspeaker locations, coverage patterns, and a host of acoustical room response data including auralizations of speech and music with the room’s reverberant field

For more information on the firm, visit their website at www.hfpconsultants.com.


Bill Schuermann is a Senior Associate Design Consultant for HFP Acoustical Consultants, Inc. Located in Houston, Texas, Bill and the firm take pride in their extensive project experience and acoustical expertise. As an integral part of a respected independent consulting firm, Bill is committed to forging long-term, trusting client relationships. To contact Bill, reach him at [email protected]

ABOUT CHRISTOPHER MAIONE – Christopher Maione is a recognized leader and expert in the AV industry with over 28 years of audiovisual expertise. His forward thinking and progressive approach to business led him to found and become the managing partner of one of the world’s leading AV consulting firms earning the company accolades as a leader in AV solutions and technologies. In his new company, Christopher Maione Associates, Maione employs the same stringent procedures and protocols that enabled his previous company to achieve global success and a reputation for the highest quality of work. Maione now focuses his attention on AV System Integrators, Manufacturers and Fortune 500 clients to help them identify strategic ways of handling their clients, products, & projects. Maione has a talent for forecasting trends and identifying emerging technologies that substantially impact the AV industry. Based on his own business model, he encourages colleagues to strive for excellence and consistently challenges the AV industry to improve its practices, grow its services, and develop better products in an effort to set a higher standard and respond to the changing needs of clients. Well versed in all aspects of AV, IT, Integrated Technologies, Industry Standards, Green AV and best practices and protocols, Maione is an Adjunct InfoComm Faculty Member and CTS-D/CTS-I provider and serves on a variety of key industry standard committees. In doing so, he continues to set industry benchmarks for quality & compliance. For more info please contact [email protected].