If you would like to add electrical on/off control to your audio, video or lighting installation there are a number of good options.  Here are a dozen reasons to use LynTec RPC panels beyond simple on and off control.

  1. Save rack and wall space.  LynTec uses switch-rated motorized breaker panels that combine circuit protection and on/off control in the same enclosure.  A circuit breaker panel is required by code; why not use it for on/off control as well?
  2. Reduced installation costs.  No relay panel required means fewer points to wire.  Labor to install a LynTec panel is the same as to wire a standard breaker panel.
  3. Internal web server.   This provides set-up, monitoring and control from any web browser with a simple network connection.  No software to buy, install or maintain.  Free mobile apps are also available.
  4. Browser GUI (Graphical User Interface).  Our interface is the simplest to set up. No special training or certifications are needed.  Point and click to establish and operate zones across multiple panels.
  5. Sequential operation.  User customizable on and off sequencing order and timing (25 ms to 8 min steps) configured from the GUI.
  6. Multiple control protocol options.  Interfaces for TCP/IP, DMX512, RS-232 and dry contact closure inputs come standard and ready for operation with your control platform.
  7. Under voltage protection.  In case of power brownout or outage, the system automatically shuts down and restarts selected circuits as programmed when safe.
  8. Over voltage protection.  As an option, SurgeX modules can be factory installed for the best electrical protection. One module per circuit for complete protection, added in multiples of four.
  9. Emergency Power Off (EPO).  Select individual circuits to switch with an external contact closure for emergency shut off or load shedding applications.
  10. Current Monitoring.  Optional main and branch circuit current monitoring can be built into the panel.  Real time monitoring or easy data exporting is included as is the capability to program alarm notifications.
  11. External Device Control.  Optional output boards allows for control of external devices such as UPS outlets and high current contactors.  These outputs can be addressed and operated individually or as part of a sequential zone via the same control interface as the rest of the system.
  12. Energy Management Ready.  Between our ability to turn circuits on or off on demand, the built in control interface options and current monitoring, we are ready to be a part of any energy management initiatives.