The popularity of our PDS-10 relay panel rose along with the popularity of powered speakers.  System designers and operators realized that if they were going to spend large amounts on sophisticated speaker systems, they had better find ways to turn them off when not in use to extend their life.  The amplifiers moved into the speakers.

Turning our attention to the lighting industry, we see the same phenomenon. Dimmers, drivers, power supplies have made their way out of electrical closets and into the fixtures themselves.

Of course there is a ‘green’ angle here.  Today’s fixtures are smarter, smaller, and more energy efficient than entertainment lighting of the past.  But, what it really signals is a greater need to think about power system architecture.

Because of trends in lighting fixtures, we have seen and fielded the increase in the need for simple on/off control systems with motorized breaker systems.  Simpler than relays.  Simpler than non-dim modules.   Welcome to the Brave New World.