Controlled environment agriculture is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do warehouses and vertical farming reduce the need for large parcels of land, but every detail of the crop’s environment can be controlled – from lighting to ventilation fans – giving it the best chance to produce the optimal yield.

While you could turn on the lighting and other equipment manually or have it on timers, it’s far more efficient to automate the system using a controllable breaker panel. These are circuit breakers that have switches built in and provide for circuit level power control right inside of the breaker panel. This saves wall space and substantially lowers wiring labor costs.

Automation allows plants to receive lighting on a consistent, set schedule that mimics the natural daylight cycle. Likewise, the system can be automated so that ventilation fans turn as soon as the warehouse temperature rises beyond a designated threshold.

Why Use Our Products?

Our remote controlled breaker panels are an economical way to control and monitor lighting and ventilation systems for any agricultural application. They include an internal astronomical clock that allows for automatic sunrise and sunset operation, inputs for connecting to in-building automation systems and up to 38 contact-closure ports for connecting sensors. If you have several crops under one roof with different lighting requirements, zoning can be easily set up to accommodate each area.

Another benefit of our breaker panels is that you can remotely monitor and control the system via an onboard web interface. The web browser interface can be used on any smart device that is connected to the same network. The interface allows for simple point-and-click programming and comes with a wide variety of features including manual control, zone setup and control and even an emergency override function that can automatically shut down the system if needed.

With our remote controlled breaker panels, you can control your lighting and ventilation systems in a single convenient unit. This gives you ultimate flexibility in managing your energy costs. Plus, you have the added benefit of extending the lifespan of your lighting equipment and the ability to monitor your power usage. If you’d like to learn more about how our equipment can benefit you or find one that meets your specific needs, contact LynTec today at 1-800-724-4047 or send us a message online.