Many warehouses have replaced their old high-intensity discharge lights with fluorescents and LEDs, which have brought about significant energy savings. However, it’s possible to save even more on energy and equipment expenses with the use of our lighting control panels.

Since warehouses often have low occupancy, it’s generally not cost-effective to keep all areas of the warehouse lit at once. Even if you have the most energy-efficient lights on the market, it still costs money to keep unoccupied areas of the warehouse lit. Using our control panels, you can effectively create automated zoning, lighting schedules, and fan control to meet the needs of your daily operations. This ensures that only the areas that are currently occupied are well-lit while eliminating reliance on troublesome mechanical time clocks. Additionally, with our remote control panels, you can monitor and control your lighting system offsite via an onboard web interface.

Another consideration in industrial lighting is longevity. With the majority of industrial lighting on high-rise racking, it’s inconvenient to replace. It only makes sense to try to extend the life of your fixtures and lights for as long as possible. Generally, LEDs are meant to last thousands of hours, but the sensitive electronics that control the fixtures have a much more limited lifespan. To keep them functioning as long as possible, they should be powered down at the source.

Why Use Our Panels?

Using one of our lighting control panels makes this easy and reduces the need to go from switch to switch throughout the warehouse to turn everything off. They can also be sequenced for high power loads to prevent a high inrush current that can damage lighting and electrical components. Our lighting control panels also include a load shedding feature, and an emergency override input for system shutdown, as well as a fire alarm interface to help keep your building safe.

We offer simple relay panels as well as controllable circuit breakers for remote lighting control. If you have any questions or would like to learn more give us a call or contact us through our online form. We’re happy to discuss your needs to help you find the best type of panel for your application.