As solar power becomes more commonplace, more businesses have begun to install solar-powered systems with backup generators to address load shedding requirements. Load shedding is the act of disconnecting the electrical current on certain lines when the demand becomes greater than the supply. This is an important element when implementing a backup generator or peak load shedding programs.

However, backup generator power transfers and peak shaving can both cause unintended consequences to your equipment. With a standard emergency generator, an automatic transfer switch (ATS) senses the power failure. It then starts the generator, transferring electrical loads to it to restore power. This can cause a large inrush current demand or excessive continuous current demands, which can exceed the standby generator’s capacity.

This can be prevented with a LynTec RPC (remote control circuit breaker panel) in a controlled sequential restart at the individual circuit level. Our RPC panels come with load shedding capability at the circuit level as a standard feature and offer a more affordable and efficient way to implement load shedding than traditional custom panels using contactors and PLC circuits.

The controlling the shutdown of individual circuits allows you to implement a stepped or sequenced restoration of power to high inrush loads, as well as lockout non-essential loads for the duration of the generator’s run time. By reducing the electrical load, you can extend the generator’s run time, as well as its fuel requirements. Since high current inrush during the transition back to commercial power often sets your peak billing rate, using one of our panels can also help lower your utility bills.

Some of the Features of our Control Panels Include

  • Simple webpage setup and monitoring
  • 200k on-off-on cycle rated controllable circuit breakers
  • Sequential power control for use in automation systems
  • Telnet, HTTP, DMX, and sACN protocols
  • An internal astronomical clock for automatic sunrise and sunset operation
  • Grouped circuits for control instruction
  • Onboard brownout sensing with auto shut off if necessary
  • An adjustable automatic restart which allows you to select which circuits remain off when needed or sequenced back on after the power is transferred
  • Emergency override inputs and a fire alarm interface

For more information on how LynTec RPC panels can benefit your business, contact us today at 1-800-724-4047 or fill out our online form.