LynTec RPC Series a Perfect Fit for Church’s New Worship Facility

 LENEXA, Kan. Aug. 11, 2020 LynTec, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting (AVL) systems, is the chosen power solution provider for E2i Design’s most recent houses of worship technology design and install, Northstar Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Serving as the second facility and main worship center, the new facility is outfitted with a full suite of AVL components that are supported by LynTec’s award-winning RPC Series comprehensive power control solutions.

“It’s becoming a trend for houses of worship to be more forward-looking, and at E2i, that’s something we talk organizations through. We want them to think not only beyond their needs today but also how their AVL budget and equipment can serve them well into the future,” said Josh Holowicki, the founder and CEO of E2i Design. “Northstar’s future vision was unique. They wanted the infrastructure to support touring Christian artists and potential video upgrades. LynTec is not just built for small houses of worship with modest AVL investment but for scalability.”

The design and integration firm has relied on LynTec power control solutions as the standard for the vast majority of its AV designs and installations for houses of worship. For Northstar, E2i installed the RPC 365 master remote control breaker panel along with the RPS 385 secondary panel. Built on the industry accepted G3 Powerlink™ hardware platform by Square D, the patented RPC family combines circuit protection and power management, on/off control, and power sequencing in one affordable and scalable panel. The panel was perfectly suited for Northstar’s equipment requirements — from the audio to the lighting and video components — while meeting its budget. On the audio side, the panel provides customized circuit-level sequencing, which eliminates the challenges of properly powering on digital audio systems with a separate sequencer. Easy to set up, operate, and maintain, the LynTec system is also the ideal solution for Northstar’s primarily volunteer technical crew. With customized sequencing step rates built into the system, the church doesn’t have to worry about the proper order of turning on and off components; the system allows each circuit to be set with the exact number of seconds — anywhere between 1 and 999 — to allow digital equipment to fully boot up before the next step of the sequence fires.

The panel is also critical to protecting the church’s stage and house LED lighting. The RPC panel provides remote power control down to the circuit level, providing staff with an easy-to-use system to power on and off its array of LED fixtures. It also supports Northstar’s current and future video requirements. In addition to the church’s two projectors and inventory of video displays throughout the building, the church is planning to add a video wall to support onstage graphics. The LynTec panel cycles off video equipment when it’s not in use and properly sequences them on, protecting against damage caused by inrush.

Northstar also benefits on the installation side. Using an RPC panel instead of a separate relay panel means that there are fewer points of contact to wire during installation. The labor involved to install a LynTec panel is the same as to wire a standard breaker panel. Less equipment to install equals reduced costs.

“Many houses of worship today are thinking about their future critically and through the lens of technology and growth — what will they need, and if they will have the power control infrastructure to support it,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “Our solutions are designed — first and foremost — as affordable and scalable so churches can plan for any future needs. E2i’s design and installation of our panels at Northstar perfectly illustrates how facilities can create a forward-looking AVL system that is well protected and with very little investment.”

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