Do you ever have the need to control devices such as electrical outlets or high-current contactors individually or as part of your overall power sequencing scheme?

A recently added option to the RPC panel is an Input / Output – Relay (I/O-R) board. This board installs in place of a standard Input / Output (I/O) board. It retains eight I/O ports of the standard I/O board for connecting external contact closures or switches with indicators and adds up to eight, 1 amp, Form C, SPDT, relays or 40 amp solid state drivers to control external devices. These external devices include UPS outlets, remote controlled outlet boxes or LynTec CTR high current contactor cabinets.

The I/O-R outputs are recognized by the RPC controller and added as addressable devices on the browser interface.  This allows you to address and control each I/O-R port individually or as part of a defined group or zone.

Outlet Control for RPC and RPCR panels

Installing an I/O-R board in an RPC panel lets devices external to the panel itself to be controlled using the RPC interface. This allows low voltage control of outlets after an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to be added to a zone or controlled as just like a motorized circuit breaker. I/O-R outputs can be configured for latched or momentary pulse output, addressed individually or merged to control legacy LynTec products like remote PDS or MSP panels. A number of third-party manufacturers market appliances that can be turned on or off with contact closure inputs and can be controlled with the RPC I/O-R outputs. 

High Current Control Option for RPC panels

The I/O-R option also provides for remote control for electrical loads greater than 30 amperes. Driven by customer feedback, we can now offer load switching capacity in our power control panels beyond that available through motorized breakers. By utilizing popular UL/CSA listed IEC style latching contactors, loads as large as 115 amperes can be controlled by the same RPC interface used to control the motorized circuit breakers.

A single installed LynTec I/O-R module provides control for up to 4 high current contactors utilizing common low voltage wiring.  A total of 8 contactors can be managed per RPC controller.

Overcurrent protection is provided by 1, 2 or 3 pole non-motorized breakers housed in the RPC panel.  No holding current required. Each contactor is latched on and “pulses” on and off using an I/O-R RPC interface board.

Each contactor can be assigned an address by the RPC controller for direct control by DMX, sACN, RS-232 or HTTP.  Or, the contactor can be included in a zone for sequenced control with a contact closure output on the RPC platform.

LynTec sells contactors installed in enclosures with prewired terminal strips that are ready to hang designated as CTR panels in our catalog.  The CTR models are available in a single NEMA enclosure with one to four individual contactors installed.