Is space limited for your panelboard and an isolation transformer installation?

LynTec adds award winning control to Schneider Electric’s space and labor savings Integrated Power and Control Solutions™ (IPaCS) product line.

The LynTec IPC panel delivers a ready to wire transformer, panelboard and control solution to the job site in a single floor standing enclosure. This approach saves wall space, build out and wiring labor on the job site. All of the internal wiring between the transformer and panels is installed and tested at the factory. An IPC panel can be configured with as many as 84 circuit breakers above an isolation transformer.

Internal panelboards are set forward in the IPC enclosure to allow code compliance and vertical cooling for the isolation transformer. Wiring access is available at both the top and bottom panels of the enclosure.

The IPC reduces material handling costs on the job site by arriving as a complete ready to install unit. No lost parts, extra trips to the supply house or small items to track.

An IPC can be loaded with either an RPC Controller, MS sequencing control boards, LC DMX lighting control boards or SC RS-232 serial control boards depending on your motorized circuit breaker preference.

Each IPC panel is customized for your specific application (breaker counts and transformer sizing) so each panel must be individually priced.   Call LynTec for more information or a quote.