Theatrical Power DistributionIf you are building a new theatre or renovating an existing facility, one of the key decisions is, what theatrical power distribution system do we need? Theatres need a power control platform that is simple to set-up, operate and maintain. With the proper power control solutions, you can keep electrical equipment safe from surges, protect against brownout, and ensure the performance goes smoothly – from the technical side, at least.

Entertainment power distribution is largely directed towards stage lights, but power control for the audio sound system is important as well. Stage lighting and audio equipment creates an enormous electrical workload, and your system needs to be able to meet these needs. Behind every major – and minor – performance is power control. Theatrical power distribution is crucial to every modern performance, which is why LynTec is so committed to manufacturing high quality, flexible solutions that can manage all of your equipment on a single electrical platform. If the equipment doesn’t power up correctly or if power is lost, it can cause a stressful night for everyone on and behind the stage.

Power Control Solutions for Performing Arts Centers

A quality theatrical power distribution is essential to every modern performance. The good news is that LynTec has solutions for your theater arts venue. Look into our Remote Control Circuit Breaker Panel (RPC), Lighting Control Relay Panel (RPCR), or Multi-Circuit Rack Mount (NPAC) to find a solution that works for you. For larger productions in a permanent space, we recommend the RPC for whole venue control. This wall mounted motorized circuit breaker system offers scalability, flexibility, and saves valuable wall space in your control room. For event power distribution on a traveling act, we suggest going with an intelligent mobile power distribution solution, such as the RPCM, which offers total control and monitoring of your power systems at the branch breaker level in a portable panel that is easily moved from venue to venue.

Whether you need installed or portable entertainment power distribution, LynTec offers robust solutions that are easy to set-up, operate and maintain. Find the right fit for your show’s needs today.

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