If you’re designing a new control room, consider the best in energy management controllers from LynTec. Modern control rooms have modern energy needs, as lighting designers shift away from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs toward newer, energy efficient LED lighting. This means no dimmers, and new methods needed to manage energy use. Our power control panels run cool, guaranteeing long life and efficient use of energy. And because they’re pre-programmable via our web-enabled graphical user interface (GUI), you can limit power only to the areas and applications where it’s needed. This energy management automation includes power sequencing, remote reboot, and more.

Power Solutions - Energy Management Controllers

One of the most important features of our energy management controllers is Whole Venue Control, which lets audio/visual engineers control different zones of a large venue within one network. Perhaps you have a staging area that needs bright light, along with a bar nook where you’d prefer the lighting to be dimmed. With our programmable software, this is possible–and so much more. You’ll no longer be limited by your control room. Instead, you’ll be able to choose exactly the lighting situation that’s right for you. And this energy management automation, of course, will help improve your efficiency, cutting your bills and ensuring that your components have a long lifespan.

Many of our components include a web interface that allows you to easily access your system via your phone or tablet. Even if you’re away from your venue, you can reboot equipment and protect it from dangerous power surges. Our energy management controllers can also be installed by any contractor or electrician. By working with LynTec–your equipment manufacturer–you’ll have knowledgeable support staff available to you with no expensive overhead. Plus, we’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of audio and sound design. Our company was founded by Lynn Potter, a former avionics expert, and that level of expertise has carried our business into the twenty-first century. We’re committed to innovation and can’t wait to help you embark on your next large scale AV endeavor.

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