Lighting and sound designers know to trust LynTec for state-of-the-art lighting relays and more. Whether you design lighting for a large venue or a more intimate space, we offer lighting control panels that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Are you looking for an energy efficient, cool-running retrofit lighting relay panel that’s built to last? Our DMX LCRP is the easiest to install in the industry, with a space-saving package that eliminates redundant installation and hardware costs. This easy install fits next to your standard circuit breaker panel and can be installed by a local electrician. Testing and troubleshooting are simple; this appliance features LED on-off test lights and some feature a web GUI that works with any smartphone, tablet, or computer for easy diagnosis and operation.

AV Control Panels - Lighting Relays

We sell the most advanced self-contained lighting panels available today. However, our products are not one-size fits all. At LynTec, we understand that different applications necessitate different hardware. Whether you’re providing lighting to an arena setting or an intimate theater, we can help you choose exactly the right lighting relay panel for your space. These panels are easily customized as well, whether you need circuits to be controlled individually or in pre-programmed groups.

You might be seeking web-enabled lighting relays; our RPCR smart panel features a patent-pending web GUI, programmable time schedules, mobile phone or tablet operation, and more. Or perhaps you need a robust standard alternative. In that case, consider our DMX lighting relay panel line. Though our LCRP panel does not feature web control, it is nevertheless simple to install and use, with contact closure control, a simple jumper system, and more. Choosing between these lighting relays might feel challenging. If so, consider contacting LynTec. With the assurance of working directly with the manufacturer, you can rest assured that we’ll help you select exactly the right system for your application and your space. Your equipment is precious. Why trust it to any other supplier?

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