After over 30 years, LynTec is still leading the power control industry. A look at our recent updates.

When we think of technological innovations, we may think of the newest smart home device or robots that interact with humans. While these are exciting and buzzworthy, there is a lot more than these gadgets. Power control is experiencing breakthroughs in technology that lead to simpler and better systems. This allows LynTec to continue to lead stadiums, arenas, performance halls, conference centers, houses of worship, and other venues into the modern era or power control with the best equipment in the industry.

The Right Focus

Smart homes, and the devices associated with them, are commonly in the news and fodder for conversation. However, we are focused on smart facilities. Over two decades ago, LynTec’s first power control devices managed off and on sequencing for large audio systems. As the years have gone on, we have built a reputation for high quality sequencing systems. Designers now turn to us for the capabilities to address the power control needs of large-scale AV systems, including video walls, LED lighting fixtures, and other AVL gear that needs remote monitoring control, proper protection, and intelligent zoned control.

There are continuously exciting updates to LynTec, allowing us to offer better high-tech solutions for our customers. Here are a few of the biggest:

  • Incorporated Web Server – with an incorporated web server in its controller, users can easily operate and set up zones for their circuit breakers over any handheld smart device. You can even give your electrical system an external IP and connect it to the Internet of Things!
  • Upgraded Control System – Now each zone can be set up to be controlled by a unique protocol, allowing users to mix and match their control protocols within one system. With this capability, the panels have greater flexibility and users can assign which zone is controlled by which protocol.
  • UL924 Certification – LynTec RPC Panels have received this certification, verifying for entertainment lighting professionals that lighting controlled by our panels will be up to code when providing potentially lifesaving illumination in an emergency.

To learn more about the UL924 certification and how this reduces the number of panels on the wall and the wiring needed, or about any of our other updates, contact LynTec today.