Have you always appreciated the capabilities offered by LynTec’s top-tier wall mounted power control panels? For decades our company has manufactured the highest quality power control panels for our valued customers, which range from professional sports stadiums to megachurches. AVL specialists across the country and the world rely on our systems for effective protection and control. Now we have a new offering for those wanting an elegant power control solution that doesn’t need to be hardwired by an electrician. Our innovative Networkable Power Automation Control (NPAC) rack-mounted system is the latest component of LynTec’s Whole Venue Control capabilities; it’s a rack mount form that’s specifically designed for easy installation while providing the crucial protection and control that customers have come to expect from LynTec.

What makes the NPAC special?

  • Easy installation – No need for subcontractors to install the unit for you, it’s located right beside the other gear in the rack. The pre-terminated cables eliminate the need to wire multiple units together and are ready to plug into existing sources. Easily connect to your gear.
  • Affordable – a less expensive option than traditional wall mounted control panels.
  • Simple to deploy – users can select the protocol for each zone as well as set up, control, troubleshoot, and monitor status remotely across existing networks from any computer, tablet, or smart device. The NPAC can be set up to send users alert notifications via text or email to warn of voltage anomalies.
  • Superior Control – as the leading manufacturer of power control solutions, LynTec has ensured that our newest technology offers superior control. This single 2RU enclosure can handle up to 80 amps. It’s also unique in that users can sequence on/off complex digital audio systems in easy-to-program extended step rates that ensure correct component boot-up automatically.
  • Adaptable for Large Venues – NPAC works with a broad range of applications and up to 10 NPAC units can be configured on a single network with up to 12 zones, allowing for venue control across large facilities.
  • NPAC works for you – There are two models, the 120V and 240V. You can choose the model based on your venue’s needs.

When you need innovative power control on the rack, contact LynTec about the NPAC.