Lighting Power Control PanelAre you looking to install new controllable circuit breakers in your venue? Controllable circuit breakers have risen in popularity as AV engineers utilize them for power safety and sequencing needs. Whether you have a house of worship, performing arts center, sports stadium, or other arena, LynTec has controllable circuit breaker panels that can help you! Although there are many different styles of breakers, with unique electrical capabilities and software features, it is possible to compare them.

The Right Product For Your Needs

LynTec, like every other company, believes we have the best product. The difference between us and other manufacturers is that we are willing put our products in a direct comparison with other similar AVL systems. There are three major brands of controllable circuit breaker serving the professional AVL industry. We have compared our products side-by-side with these competitors, looking at panel feature comparisons, control protocols, and options. For a complete breakdown, look at this straightforward spreadsheet.

Now that you’ve seen and compared the major brands, we are comfortable saying LynTec offers the control panel best suited to meet the needs of performance space, professional sport, mega church, and other large venue AVL systems. For over thirty years we have been manufacturing state-of-the-art electrical control equipment. We now offer cutting edge options like our RPC line, featuring remotely operated controllable circuit breakers using web-enabled controllers for remote set-up, control, and monitoring.

One of the best parts of RPC? There is no additional software to buy or maintain! When you turn to LynTec for control panels, you can be assured that you will receive the latest in AV and lighting control. Keep an eye on LynTec for more innovating power control systems that are easy to set-up, simple to control, and completely dependable. We have decades of experience in the industry and are the premier manufacturer of power control solutions, yet we’re just getting started!