Automation and Energy Management PanelsWhen you are setting up sophisticated AV equipment for a venue, it’s important to think about automation and energy management panels. With the right automation panels, you can save space, simplify your controls, and protect your equipment against hazardous power surges. Where can you find a high quality energy management panel that fits the bill? LynTec is proud to offer our valued customers world class products with a five year warranty on defective materials and manufacturing. We are proud of the power control solutions that we are able to offer clients, from California to New York to Australia to everywhere in between.

Find the Best Choice for your Space with LynTec

LynTec automation and energy management panels can be seen everywhere there is sight and sound. That includes places of worship, classrooms and auditoriums, sports arenas and stadiums, performing arts centers and theaters, and event venues and halls. Our automation panels offer a chance to automate load sequencing, control switchboards remotely, and protect valuable AV equipment from power surges. We have different options depending on your specific site’s needs, from the NPAC, a multi-circuit rack mount, to the RPCR, a lighting control relay panel. When considering different options, let a representative help you find the best choice for your space.

For power and lighting control, rely on the finest in the industry. LynTec is the leading manufacturer of automation and energy management panels. We offer panels and software that help you integrate systems and streamline procedures, making every event smooth. When audio engineers and other industry professionals need to be able to remotely control AV equipment, they turn to LynTec. Take a look at some of our 10,000 installations by reading just a few of our recent case studies. If you have any questions regarding your circuit control needs, please contact us. We look forward to working with you for all your AV installations.

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