Audio System Power ControlAre you looking for an audio system power control that offers user-friendly features, simple set-up, and web-enabled control? If so, you’ve come to the right place! LynTec has 35 years of experience manufacturing the finest quality, innovative audio power controls with intuitive and easily programmable functions. Our audio system power control panels are simple to use- most of them are plug and play, requiring no on-site factory commissioning. They come with a host of safety features like controllable circuit breakers, brownout protection, and automatic load shedding for emergency shutdown. Many of them can be daisy-chained and are field programmable.

Our audio system power control panels are compatible with a wide range of pro-level speaker brands; we work with AMX by Harmon, Ashly Audio, Bosch Audio, Bose Professional Speakers, Community Speakers, Crown by Harmon, Danley Sound Labs, dbTechnologies (RCF Group), Dynacord, and Electro-Voice speakers and amplifiers, JBL Pro, Klipsch, Lab Groupon, Meyer Sound Labs, QSC Professional Speakers, RCF Sound (RCF Group), Renkus-Heinz, Roland Pro, Samson Speakers, Stewart Audio, View Audioteknic, Warm Audio, and Worx Audio (Presonus Commercial Division).

We offer several panels designed to work in a wide range of venues:

RPC – Remote Control Breaker Panel – The most advanced self-controllable breaker panel on the market today! Featuring simple setup and with an easily customizable software platform. The RPC uses the latest remotely operated breakers and can control up to 168 circuit breakers with a single controller.

RPCR – Automated Relay Panel – These panel packages come ready to install and include hardware and software. No on-site factory commissioning required! It also features an integrated web server and browser for convenient remote set-up, operation, and monitoring.

NPAC – Multi-Circuit Rack Mount – Featuring a sleek profile and simple plug-and-play installation, the NPAC offers pro-level components and a built-in web browser interface, making it easy to sync digital components from any manufacturer.

XPC Xtend Power Control Series – Bring professional, dependable control to every venue, regardless of wall space or power needs! Easily integrate the Xtend power control modules to any existing RPC, RPCR, or NPAC installation using only a network cable and power source. The built-in web browser makes it easy to access, set-up and operate.

MS Series – Electrical Load Sequencing Panels – These panels offer flexible setup and can be daisy-chained for unlimited circuit count sequence. All models feature one-touch power control, remote on/off switches, built-in automatic load shedding and brownout protection, emergency instant shutdown, and hurry off functions.

At LynTec, we offer state of the art, innovative audio system power control panels, and equipment designed to work with pro-level speaker brands, save valuable wall space, lower installation costs and simplify system operations. Discover what makes us the undisputed leader in electrical power control! Contact us today to discuss which power control is right for your venue.

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