Remotely Operated Circuit BreakersEvery large venue needs a circuit breaker, so why not meet this building requirement with remotely operated circuit breakers that offer intelligent on/off control? LynTec is dedicated to educating the public on the benefits of using our wireless controlled circuit panel as part of your facility’s smart system. Many venue owners invest heavily in the design and installation of sophisticated audio, visual, and lighting systems. Yet power control isn’t necessarily brought into the conversation. Due to building requirements, every device has to have a branch circuit breaker. The separation of circuit breakers and power control panels uses up valuable wall space, costs more for installation (as there are more points of contact so more wiring to install), and is less efficient.

Benefits of LynTec’s Remote Control Breaker Panel

LynTec’s remotely operated circuit breakers are an elegant solution for power control. The benefits of this innovative equipment are numerous. As an option, SurgeX modules can be installed in the factory and provide the best over voltage protection in the industry. These panels just don’t protect equipment in case of a power surge, they also keep devices safe in under voltage situations. Whether there is a power blackout, brownout, or other outage, the system can automatically shut off and only restarts selected circuit when it is safe. Another helpful feature is customizable sequential operation. Audio engineers have battled startup sequencing for years, as it is a time consuming process that, if done improperly, results in devices not ‘talking’ to one another. With customizable sequencing, devices can be programmed to shut on and off in order. The sequencing can be programmed on the easy-to-use Browser GUI (Graphical User Interface). We call it point and click, because it’s that straightforward to set up and operate zones across multiple panels using this intuitive programming – which comes automatically installed, with no need to buy or update software!

Perhaps the greatest advantage of LynTec’s remotely operated circuit breakers is current monitoring. The wireless controlled circuit panel offers real time monitoring or easy data exporting to building management systems. Control your RPC through any computer or smart device. There are even apps available! See applications of LynTec’s panels here.

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