There are many benefits of adding power control to a permanently installed LED video wall system.

Longer Life

Heat is a natural enemy of all electronics and heat build-up will shorten the life of the power supplies, processors and other electronic components.  Cycling off breakers when the equipment is not in use can lower maintenance costs and extend the life of the video wall. This wear and tear occurs even when the panels are in standby mode.

Remote Reset

Each video wall panel has a processor in it and any processor can lock up and require a hard reset by completely killing power to the display. A power control panel can give you the ability to reset the processors periodically by cycling the breakers automatically or can enable the breakers to be controlled and reset remotely over a network.

Standby Power Consumption

Standby power consumption can be more substantial than most people know. Depending on the manufacturer and usage, a facility may spend 2-3 times more money powering the panels in standby mode than they do when the wall is in active use. Combine these energy management savings with reduced facility cooling loads and over time, power control will pay for itself.

Sequencing is Essential

LED video panels pull a substantial amount of inrush current which can lead to nuisance trips and damage electronics. Automated sequencing is essential to mitigate these risks.

Adding power control to a project typically adds 3%-4% to the system costs. The benefits of extended product life, lowered maintenance and lower energy costs are substantial.