This article first appeared in Technologies for Worship.

For power control, while the venue size is important, the complexity of the AVL design is a more important determinate when designing the appropriate power control solution. As the AVL installation becomes more complex, the need for
greater control granularity, flexibility and electrical protection expands in relation. Mark Bishop of LynTec walks us through the best (and most cost-effective) of the company’s award-winning control solutions for installs of any size.

Small Installation

XPC Series

For fixed and mobile installs that primarily rely on a PA system and/or minimal lighting that is using less than 8 circuits of power control, the best bet is a rack-based control system. LynTec’s Xtend Power Control (XPC) Series remote relay modules extend the reach of its relay panels and motorized circuit breakers. The XPC Series provides integrators with all the capabilities and features of the popular and time-tested RPC controller in a standalone 1RU rack-mounted enclosure and remote relay modules. The controller allows customers to operate one or more remotely placed
relay modules spread out over an extended area or venue even when a panel is not on site. Integration is simple and straightforward: Connect the module to a power source and the network, and then plug in the equipment that needs power control. Using LynTec’s IP-based GUI, users can set up and customize the control and
sequencing for each device.

Medium Installation

RPCR Series

Installs using some amplified sound beyond a simple PA system as well as lighting and limited video, would generally be sized at 24 controlled circuits or less. At this size installation, the cost per controlled circuit significantly decreases when designers shift the power control to a wall mounted networkable relay panel. LynTec’s market changing RPCR line of remotely controlled relay panels are specifically designed to add branch circuit control and monitoring to any existing breaker panel regardless of brand, make, or model. Engineered after LynTec’s successful motorized RPC (Remote Power Controller) series, the RPCR is equipped with a Web-enabled, browser-based interface that allows users to easily setup, troubleshoot, control, and monitor relay status remotely across existing networks while adding the benefit of on/off control to retrofit requirements. This combination of remote electrical control and incredible installation flexibility facilitates applications such as LED lighting, powered amplifiers, and energy management programs within environments which include houses of worship, schools, performing arts centers, auditoriums, and
other assembly spaces. Giving users simpler, more efficient power
management from any computer, tablet, or handheld smart device, the RPCR also features a point-and-click interface which allows installers to set up zones, perform sequential on/off switching and scheduling, activate emergency overrides, and provide dependable brownout protection. To further enhance flexibility, the panels are compatible with control systems such as ETC, Creston®, and AMX, and offer the ability to control relays direct via TCP/IP, DMX, RS-232, or contact closure control systems.

Large Installation

RPC Series

Large installs are complex and demand a solution that can simplify installation, setup, and operation. A space with that deploys a complete mix of audio, video, and lighting solutions may need power control for projection, videowall, amplified sound, public address, automated lighting, and more. The best, most cost-effective way to manage all those assets is a panelboard featuring controllable circuit breakers that can manage 30 or more controlled circuits than can be zoned, sequenced, remotely monitored, and controlled to ensure that the incredible investment made by an organization has systemic protection. LynTec’s RPC (Remote Power Controller) Series Panel is a completely self-contained control panel designed to simplify system build-outs by accelerating the installation process as well as decreasing operating costs. Every RPC panel comes complete with all the software and firmware needed to support immediate independent operation, or to integrate into a third-party control system. The RPC combines the latest generation of motorized circuit breaker or relay technology with an onboard Web-based controller for real-time monitoring down to the circuit level as well as the capacity to use multiple control protocols simultaneously. Engineered to protect and control installed entertainment AVL systems, the RPC Series provides enables
users to experience familiar point-and-click installation and setup with the
motorized circuit breaker panels. As of 2015 the updated RPC family features three new updates added specifically to support commercial installations: timed event scheduling and astronomical clock capabilities;
compliance with the UL 924 standard for egress or emergency lighting; and support of the open BACnet (IP or MS/TP) networking protocol. All three of the new features are standard on every panel’s onboard controller.

Remotely Operated Circuit Breakers
RPC 341